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  1. Cool that they give XP/DROP bonus and free week of P2P, but come on... Servers were lagging for like 2 months? The only way to play this game was Kolossium where you get into "Tynril" Server and it's just a different one without lags My idea would be to give people the way to obtain cosmetic items by using compestrokens. I will probably never use my tokens, because I don't need that candies.
  2. Nice one! I can see my friend here Myslaw the Panda
  3. A lot of people moved from multi to mono servers, because they prefer to do things with other players. My choice was a bit different. I was about to end the game on Echo, but some friends told me to chill play with them on Illyzaelle, so I did and it ended like that.
  4. I used to play Str till 4500 raiting it was cool nearly oneshooting people with hammerture/peccary + gash after that It's abit harder and I went Agi and I think it's a really cool build along with Cha (good positioning/locking in both). There are some Int sacs aswell I think this build is cool against healing classes or ranged ones, because you can hit in long range with distance weapons/spells and reduce them healing by 50%. Whenever you need something, contact me via Impsvillage/ IGN: Badibae (Ilyzaelle)/discord кhai#8988. We used to play together in Xenu guild back days with Kizzaru and oth
  5. I am playing Panda and I had the same situation... BUT!!! I have 52 level of Lumberjack. It gives me some money, but my advice is to cut trees and sell wood all the time. Than you have to buy scrolls whenever you have money for it (around 2100 kama ea). On 50 level of Lumber you can cut trees that are worth 200 kama + ea. You should continue it like that until you are like 80-100 and you will be able to make your money that way for items. Another important thing is to do dungeons whenever you can with people so you can drop some worthy resources. As Earth Sram you mig
  6. Just hit 5k raiting on 3v3 solo queue. I will try to climb up (Sacrier)
  7. Osa, Cra, Panda and Enu might be a cool team to play. Int or Agi Osa Panda Tank Cra Crit damage maybe or Str/Cha Enu Agi/Mp redu
  8. They should finally change this class abit. It's a meme now especially in Int elem.
  9. Hi everyone! I've just started playing on Eratz server my IGN: Badibae. Are there any cool people willing to help at start?
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