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  1. What did u you guys get from Odyssey gem? SKT T1 skins from 2017 here.
  2. Pandawa is a really good damage dealer in dungeons/monster fights, but in your team it will probably operate with Rogue bombs. Every element on Panda has huge AoE damage, but you can't use all of them in dungeons that easy. You have Sadida in your team, so you will most likely keep your enemies away from your team. You might go for Cha/Int Pandawa with bow and hit your enemies really hard from distance. There is also good Str spell that you might use in Str/Int Panda element setup, but it's linear. Otherwise tank panda with 40% resists+ which job will be monster throwing into bombs.
  3. Rogue, Sram in your team if you don't like standard team comps that everyone use
  4. Khai

    Dofus again?

    Ilyzaele might be best for a solo player. If you have an account on Echo with a high level already, you should stay there.
  5. https://www.dofusplanner.com/z0YXz/ https://www.dofusplanner.com/PCD2S/ I can try and make something better probably
  6. Why are they changing everything in this game...
  7. T' it was really bad, because everyone could just log many account at night or offline hours of alliance/guild and kill perceptors. It's still happening, but not really often. I don't like that Astrology got banned for nothing
  8. There was nearly the same topic about Ouginak some time ago. Probably the best one is Agi since you have nice dodge/lock, but the main reason is erosion. I think all depends on your PvP team, because when you have already that erosion giver, you might go for another element. If you want something with agi, just go Agi/Cha or Agi/Str.
  9. Do you need that set for PvM or PvP? Also it might be hard to do Int/Agi/Cha set with good heals. The best build might be Int/Cha here.
  10. https://www.dofusplanner.com/dKSUw/ I think this is a good PvM set for your Iop. You can reach 12/5 and 11/6 with that set. I didn't add mount/petmount, because it's for your choice (Kwyness for 12/5 or seemyool with 50% power and 1 MP for 11/6). Give me a feedback if you like that set.
  11. You can find everyone on Echo server. They are adding all the time new cool things to Dofus so it's still fun to play. At the moment every single character has 4 elements and spell variants.
  12. What is your budget? Are you aiming for Ranged or Close combat damage build?
  13. Yes, probably full str iop in PvM should be still viable in a good team. All depends on what are u aiming for. The problem without 12 AP would be Jump + Wrath combo that is nice in dungeons. Anyway with ochre/abyssal, AP giver or good positioning you still will be fine. Actually not every single dungeon need that wrath, but it's helpful and handy. In most of dungeons Cra will do the job in your team. Add Enu or Sadida into your team for bonus MP reduction and damage.
  14. Actually I have the same colours on my characters. Almanax inspirated
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