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  1. Bump only Pet left! Added Ivory Dofus for 68mk we can negotiate.
  2. Bump! Only pet and petmount left! Soon I'll have Ivory Dofus for sale also.
  3. Nerf Osamodas that's all we need at the moment
  4. Once Legend on 180-190 now I did it again on this account. I don't even have a good equipment (around 20mk). Maybe not a big achievement, but still.
  5. Bump! Lowered prices. Soon I'll update the new screen, but you can check the merchant now!.
  6. Just wait few levels and try it with dispells and Range & MP reduction.
  7. Probably you will be able to do Soft Oak soon with a good tactic
  8. Bump! once again selling my whole equipment and that's all I have for now. Most of things sold out after one day. Prices are negotiable
  9. I have seen him today in kolossium
  10. To celebrate your MMO's 15th anniversary, DOFUS isn't short on ideas! After the retro version that thrilled more than one, after a "nostalgia" video that – admit it – brought a tear to your eye, after a most dreamy update… It's time for a double XP weekend to keep the party going! DOFUS is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year! Whether you were the very first to set foot on the World of Twelve, or the most recent arrival in the Krosmoz, this milestone hasn't left anyone indifferent. Not even us! For the occasion, we're giving you yet another good reason to spend some time in the World of Twelve… From Friday, October 4 at 4 p.m. to Monday, October 7 at 9 a.m. CEST, your XP points will be doubled! The party's still going strong!
  11. I used to do PvP on this level while I was leveling my xelor on Ily server. It's hard to make a good set that combine all resistances, damage and ap/mp. Mostly you won't fight against good geared players. Even if you do, you will destroy them with damage, mp reduction and dolls. My proposition is below. You can always overmage vitality on your items to reach more then 2000 health. https://d-bk.net/en/d/Ot2v
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