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  1. I'm actually in rush for Ivory Dofus. First at all I did start with Alignment quests (at the moment 89 level).
  2. Atleast he has nice rewards during it
  3. Best PvP times I guess. When everything was balanced in some ways.
  4. Actually I had bug like that, but probably Ankama already fixed it. You might have a hard time to access mono server, because it's full at evenings.
  5. Everything sold! Can be closed.
  6. Bump! Price lowered to 8,7m. Merchant is up
  7. bump! only MP exo Nidas's Ring left for 9m atm
  8. Watcher's Dofus and 14k Achievements. Soon I'll be done with Cloudy Dofus.
  9. Xelorium [-9,-42] / 123 / 23 hours left
  10. Khai


    @Mavvo was not online on Impsvillage for few months. Probably it won't be online for a long time till he comeback (if only he does?). It might be the same situation as DofusPlanner.
  11. Heyo! They added many items/dungeons when you weren't playing that's for sure. Also spell variants have been added. Mono server is perfect for newcomers or people that are going to back to the game after several years. There are many people that are willing to help you inside the guild, but also p2p is really cheap (around 160kk per week). I'm actually playing on both Echo and Ily. You can always contact me on mono (Badibae).
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