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  1. @Phroof For that amount of kamas you won't get anything good for sure, but... I would change: Kringlove ring --> Nidas ring Eternal wand --> Corrupted Bow Nileza's cloak --> Merdiodon Cloak Oto amulet --> Hungry Pendant Hot docs --> Pathogastrics
  2. Sorry for late, but I had many things to do in my real life.
  3. Enu: https://d-bk.net/fr/d/TqWJ Panda: https://d-bk.net/fr/d/TqWt Iop: https://d-bk.net/fr/d/TqXR
  4. As we prepare to let players run wild on Temporis, this patch is a perfect occasion for us to make a few changes relating to the Kolossium. Here's a list of the modifications that will be made to the Kolossium starting with update 2.55. New ceremonial reward A new skeletal pet has been added to reward our most persistent players. You'll have to collect 100,000 Kolossokens to unlock this new pet. League and rating are both reset when changing classes. From now on, when a character uses the class change service, it will reset both their rating AND their league. Therefore, the character will have to start over with their progression, which also means going through placement matches again. This change should correct the many inconsistencies that have tarnished the rankings and progression system for several seasons now. The biggest consequences will affect the mechanics of matchmaking. The appropriateness of the fights offered to players should be greatly improved. End-of-season reward keeps the highest league reached. The previous change, which reinitializes a character's rating and league, is accompanied by another modification: to determine the end-of-season rewards for a character who has used the class change service, we will use the highest league they reached during this season, even if their highest ranking was achieved before the class change. The leaderboard is cleaned up after class change and negative rating Certain information in the leaderboard could sometimes be displayed incorrectly after a class change. Changes are now correctly reflected in the leaderboard.
  5. To be honest I would go Int build as Eniripsa in PvM. It's much better than Cha or Agi. Also most of PvP Enis are going Str or Int to support team or deal huge damage with heals.
  6. Same problem is on Ily where there is a queue of 2000-4000 people and it takes 2 hours ~ to join into the server.
  7. Probably there was a slot limit for now. Everyone wanted to try a new server...
  8. Shields are not based on your HP anymore.
  9. I would suggest you playing on mono server if you are a single accounter.
  10. Yes, but actually on mono server (Badibae as Panda). Mostly I am doing kolossium fights, but always up for some PvM.
  11. Khai

    Coming Back

    Probably the best way to get your old account back is to contact with game support. Nowadays leveling to 130 level takes few hours on X1 Exp.
  12. https://d-bk.net/en/d/SZsK - Agi https://d-bk.net/en/d/SZsM - Str
  13. Hello, we used to play together in Kolossium.
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