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  1. Just hit 5k raiting on 3v3 solo queue. I will try to climb up (Sacrier)
  2. Osa, Cra, Panda and Enu might be a cool team to play. Int or Agi Osa Panda Tank Cra Crit damage maybe or Str/Cha Enu Agi/Mp redu
  3. They should finally change this class abit. It's a meme now especially in Int elem.
  4. Hi everyone! I've just started playing on Eratz server my IGN: Badibae. Are there any cool people willing to help at start?
  5. You should try mono server Ily or Jahash... Economy here is really good nearly everything sells within an hour or less. Also ogrines price seems low.
  6. What version of dofus and server are you playing right now?
  7. Khai

    Khai's Art Thread

    My new vision of zombie Panda... but to be honest I couldn't draw eyes
  8. Hello! I am really bad artist, but I did decide to start drawing during quarantine.
  9. I am not talking that you shouldn't help people
  10. Sad to hear that bro... I wish that they can rholback your account as soon as possible. That's why I don't replay random people asking for something
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