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  1. Just subbed 2 accounts, gonna give 1.29 a go while i have some free time. are you all playing in henual or eratz at this point?
  2. Oh IV, it feels great to finally reach out to this community again after a few years! Anyway, I'm returning to the game (originally to play 1.29, but the English servers are full?) and I intend to play on the mono account server. Now I wanted to do a bit of nerding out before I decided which class to run. I logged momentarily to look at the Cra as they used to be solo Gods (not sure how they are now) and I came to realize that there's new spells and all the elements have changed entirely. This threw a wrench in everything I thought I knew about the game so I've come to you all. How would you go about building a PvE Cra (or if there's a more viable solo class) in the current state of the game? Looking specifically for builds or maybe even a guide I could follow when it comes to useful spells and spell point usage. As always, I appreciate you all! Thanks in advance for your answers!
  3. I mained an Iop throughout my Dofus career and kind of was wanting something different (probably should've mentioned that haha). Also I'm strictly PVM oriented, can't be asked to do PVP.
  4. Hello, IV! So I've recently re downloaded the game and recovered my old account. I haven't been on the game in roughly 2 years so I'm rather lost when it comes to beginning again. Basically I want to start a brand new character on my account (will have x4 to 200) and I have the money to fully scroll characteristics/spell points with every Dofus available minus Cloudy/Vulbis all while having about 50mk left over. I guess my question would be which is a viable class to play through end game dungeons/quests solo for the most part (until I make friends)? Since I've been gone for so long, making a new character seems to be the best thing to do in order to learn all of the new content. I'm open to starting a secondary account in the future once I get this one up and running. I guess the servers all merged so I'll be on the Echo server and would love some new friends out there! Once I get my class/build sorted, I'll post my IGN so maybe we can meet up or maybe even get an invite to a guild around the game. Thanks for your help in advance!
  5. Fight Nightttttttt. Still love you, Goku.
  6. ACB

    1.29 Eratz

    This guild is confirmed sex. Come join :)
  7. ACB

    1.29 Eratz

    I'm on now if you want to shoot me a PM @ Graceful :)
  8. ACB

    1.29 Eratz

    You need to purchase p2p in order to access the subscriber parts of the game. It's the same as the 2.0 version of the game.
  9. Hello all! I'm dabbling with an omni cra as I'm rerunning the game with a new character. I was wondering if anyone knew of good omni sets or hybrid sets for this level range. All characteristics/spells are scrolled and I have access to all Dofus minus Ice/Vulbis. The only exo I really plan to use at this level range would be an AP/MP Gelano seeing as it's a PvM character and I'm not focused on PvP. Basically I want all elements covered, wether it be through a power set or multiple hybrid sets. I'd like at least 10/6 or 11/5 at the very least for AP/MP Please help :)
  10. Hello IV! I'm going to be running all 1-50 dungeons for achieves to include idols with my 199 strength Iop and my new duo partner. Does anyone have an idol setup that's easy across the board to knock these dungeons out?
  11. Wow Capn! That guide is great, I'll follow it to the "T"!
  12. I decided on strength sadida and a chance enu :) Anyone have any suggestions on a good strength set i should use all the way up to my ancestral tree set?
  13. Lol'ing at the ellio comments :) Well I'm maining a Strength Sadida right now so I guess I'm looking for a good class to partner with her :)
  14. Hello all! I've recently joined the 1.29 server Eratz in the Spanish community and I was wondering what you guys thought would be the most effective duo to essentially play by ourselves most the time. I'm open to all classes/builds!
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