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  1. Sad read, hope you can rebuild, all the love.
  2. Maybe Sram would fit what you are after :-)
  3. "I've been good this year Santa!"
  4. (weapon:catseye axe) Waah, beautiful artwork btw really enjoy lurking around this forum! :)
  5. Zen is love, Zen is life. Maybe now my stack will stop flaming me for picking him at least, now he's a lot better but still has the same issue as before
  6. I highly doubt that it will give 40 Dodge but I could be wrong. If it follows the similar trend of stats to vit trade off. Our current +Lock Pet, Blokus gives 55 Lock with an improvement potion, whereas our current +Dodge pet, Bowzai, gives 22 Dodge with an improvement potion, 20 or 18 dodge would be more practical to keep this trend. 40 dodge would be op.
  7. Happy birthday Uthman! Don't get too f**ked up tonight! xoxo
  8. That water type looks just like Gonamon, I will have to use it :D
  9. Some very nice Rogue game-play, makes me want to try a Rogue! pls tutor
  10. Farewell fellow god, I wish you good luck and memes forwards. Shame you forgot about the King waluigi but it's ok
  11. pls peg is pegasus and im dollie-rose
  12. wow waluigi is awful at what i need to know
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