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  1. I just recently became free to play and I only log on every few months right now. Will I lose my house? Thanks for your time and have a lovely day!
  2. You're right, I totally didn't think about it like that, lol. It's sad when you think that they'd manually restore all the non-fully restored accounts when that's just so much work it would take too long to do it, and a reroll back to a specific time would be best. I had a moment full of derp, my apologies.
  3. My account seems to be oddly affected; I have the level that I got within the last two days, items I got last night, quests I finished last night, but I seem to have gotten back items that I crushed before then/put up for sale before then which were again in my bank... Unless I'm remembering things in the wrong timeline. Is it possible for there to be partial rollbacks on someone's account? Not really worried too much about my own personal account, just wondering about the possibility for other people.
  4. Aww. Poor server :(. I guess I'm glad that I haven't really done anything yet today...
  5. I sort of remember seeing a few on Rushu over the years.... I think there was a Ku. Ak?
  6. The download links for pet guardian seem to be down, do you know of any others? I used to use this in like 2006 and I've lost my copy of the program xD. Thanks!
  7. I figured out the problem. I'm using old soul stones, and the new spell doesn't have a level 6 with a capture chance bonus. Nevermind xD.
  8. I've just sort of come back from not playing for years and I've tried to soul multiple groups, with the correct stone size and while in the state... but I haven't had any successful captures. What am I doing wrong?
  9. I was playing around with my eca in Astrub since I am currently f2p, and I noticed I can really smash things with my "off element" spells. It seems like with the change to Wheel of Fortune (back when I quit the first time, it was just double damage, now it's a lot stronger), those stat caps are less nerfy. I feel like what I'd end up trying to do is be an omni eca, which is actually what I'd started working towards before quitting back in like 2009. I've liked bluff and had it maxed since my 12Xes, which would have been like 2007 or 2008, even though that was not a popular spell back then a
  10. I have played Dofus on and off since probably 2005.... mostly off in the last 4 or so years, but sometimes I think about coming back. There have obviously been a ton of changes to the game since then. I have a 190 ecaflip, 101 character points scrolled in vitality, strength, chance, agility, and wisdom, and 1 point in intelligence. At the time I was scrolling, int ecas weren't as common and I am a mainly strength build eca, points and gear wise. I am secondarily an agi eca at this time. I find that with the changes to spells, I actually use more air and water spells than earth. Many of t
  11. So, I recently started playing again. I like leveling crafters and so that's what I've been attempting to do, but it seems about half the time when I begin crafting sessions, the interface never appears and I have to completely close Dofus in order to try again because it won't let me do anything. I've also had massive problems with the login server telling me it's not available, that I have issues with my firewall (never had problems until basically... yesterday? after 5 years of playing Dofus off and on). This happens when I log in and when I try to change characters. (I have read a litt
  12. I liked 1.29, but I also like 2.0 and beyond. I prefer the music in 1.29, even over the orchestrated versions of the songs, and I prefer the ecaflip character model in 2.0+ (and some of the others, like Sacrier). I LIKE not being forced to have orange stuff on my kitty girl and being able to choose 2 more colors. So I like both, but it took a while to get used to... although I still didn't play much since many friends had quit by the time 2.0 came out. It could be worse. It could be offline and everyone's money gone to waste for subs already paid and unused, as some online games have done.
  13. I feel like I cannot completely cut ties with Dofus. I still miss it, I still miss the friends I made, many of whom have already quit the game and moved on - which is part of why -I- pretty much quit. I still have really fond memories of this one summer specifically wherein I was a member of Thorn on Rushu, under the leadership of Farlowella. As a guild, that has to have been one of the best I have ever been in on any game, because the leader was really involved with the guild, and many of the guild members were willing AND HAPPY to do things with each other all the time. We did multiple d
  14. I do not understand what the new version of rekop does. I used to have it maxed.... and now I don't know if I want to. Are the 25% chance damages rolled independently? So maybe you do damage with int but not str, or some other combination of damages.... do you get more than one damage type at a time? On crits are all the damages present? I need to start playing with it, but since I'm f2p that's going to suck no matter what I try most likely.
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