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  1. Base dmg of harpooner lvl 2 ( evolution III) is correct
  2. A set with 50 dmg and 80 critical dmg but low crit like you said sounds good in paper but in fact doesn't hit hard trust me it's comparable to a permanent jinx or like the old eca spells that hits 1 to 50 but here tends more to the low. But now I don't know your crit rate so ^^
  3. An other team : Hercules Capitain : Asyatuna, Eni, 200 Foreman, Enu, 200 Nesyou, Elio, 200 Lycs iop, 200
  4. Even if you had full spell points you wouldn't do that today
  5. Band Of The Hawk Captain : Steam-alb, enu 200 Nacil, elio 200 Urmom, sacri 200 Muten, iop 200 We wish good luck to all the teams :)
  6. Hello we have recorded (not live to not compet with the main stream) our semi final fight, maybe some ppl like to listen what happens and how we communicate inside the team so I post here
  7. Wasn't " sram " or any class name forbidden for pseudos lol ?
  8. I'm glad someone else is making events like this, I'll donate 50Mk for the prizepool. >Wot Do you even know what you're talking about ? Actually what disappears are donators and I'm well placed to know it but since I'm not a bitter person I'll gladly help with my donation.
  9. The number of team participating is 5 which is below our expectation and what we planned for the tournament. Unfortunately we cannot run the tournament in those conditions so I'm am sorry to announce it is canceled. (The number of team of a legit tournament is minimum 8) We've already started to give back the registration fees to the team who registered and we apologize for them.
  10. Hello everyone, I’m making a new tread to open the registrations. So this is the final and clean version, for more details I explained in this post the reason of most of the rules. Registration : CANCELED !! Composition : - Format 3 vs 3, lvl 198 minimum. - - The composition must be the same during all the tournament. - The pillars are osa feca sacri eni xel, pillars can’t play together. - - Two same classes can’t play together. - - Except for the two above cases, every duo of classes is allowed. -
  11. Yes I'm the evil himself, conspiracy believer will believe even if his teamate was also part of the organization and claim the opposite but whatever.
  12. Thank you for your interest Tezar. Even though this is something we have thought about, this sounds more like an idealistic vision because you'll have osa feca eni + 2 class vs osa eni feca + 2 class like perk and prism fights. (based on your criteria). And this is not what we prefer and we are going to do a 3 vs 3 tournay. If we wanted to spice it up we would go 8 vs 8 which has never been seen instead of a tournament version of 5 vs 5 perk and prism. But the main reason is the ease of a 3 vs 3 like I explained before, more teams can be built, it's easier for the pl
  13. Hello everyone, Fe-cabrun, Defuse and myself were thinking about organising a PvP tournament in Echo and I've been asked by different players whether I'm doing an event soon. All the rules, details and dates are not decided yet but our goal is to allow a lot of team to participate. For now this is only a preview : 3 vs 3 : The less character the teams need the more team we can make but it is also easier for solo players to find a team, need less multi account and it will be easier to have at least 3 sets for the team instead of 4. Also the ko
  14. You just write " cherche 3 vs 3 " in any chat in the tournament server and you'll be spammed " nous "
  15. I didn't receive any official answer but from the feedback of other players who also participated in TDA and 1001G the characters you register MUST all be lvl 150, reaching at least one char 150 on your team or on your account is NOT enough.
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