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  1. bobeur since u dont play much could i arnak ur pano frm iop/eni/huntdown for my new eni iop elio also for panda i think about make bruce pano if u have some items i could lend h

    1. bobeur


      omg reported for scamming

    2. Brutt-os1


      omg no scam friend, only i ask otherwise i can buy some new pano ^^

  2. for ur information me and steam alb had 100m everyone ready to give for the winner of tournament,we won so he keep hes kamas same as me ^^
  3. Some kid who meet whit certain people and share gear/acc, then scam them cuz he is noob for get something, and lose all ''friends'' and then u lend gear to this kid ,what u except :/ sadly but need think a bit about what u do
  4. have a 4 cra team is forbidden and u can get a permanent ban if use it
  5. maybe u had some sink before droping ap
  6. pm chedarface he have kolo osa lvl 160 int/vit
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