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  1. Eagles <3

    We haven't interacted much over the years we've spent on Rushu and long gone were the golden days when we finally spoke a bit but it was still a pleasure every time with your positiveness and clear headed inputs. It was nice meeting you, have a great time out there!
  2. Vote for the names of Your Servers!

    Yeah that would be a pretty dope option but I'd guess most would only remember Grougal and forget the rest of it. (A bit like Ankama added 4 of the primordial dofuses ingame and forgot about the existence of the other ones for almost a decade)
  3. Vote for the names of Your Servers!

    Meh, I'm really not feeling most of the propositions named after a mob. Going from pretty important background figures such as Rushu or Rosal to Naganita (a nobody no one cares about) would be such a downgrade. Server names should be emblematic or at least powerful (ingame or lore-wise) characters ankama pls This list seems like a bunch of random half-tought propositions (I mean c'mon Sylargh and Klime but no Missiz Frizz or Nileza) I'd go for Ilyzaelle, Ayuto, Pandora or Droupik if I had to choose from that list.
  4. Farewell Dofus

    Woah, I'm at loss of words, never saw it coming, really show how little time I've spent on Dofus in the last months haha! I've been toying with the idea of taking a break "of indeterminate length" for a while myself aswell, my studies are starting to take a considerable amount of time on me to manage to stay afloat and frankly you leaving will definitely make a difference as a significant chunk of my Dofus interest nowadays lies within the social interactions with friends I've made over the years. Haven't even been able to get on kwismas island this year to finally get it done! It has been an honor and a pleasure to play and chat with you and I'm sure that whatever you're going for in real life is going to be fine if you're as motivated as you were in your many Dofus endeavours! The Convergence days were one heck of a wild ride for sure but for me they really were part of the golden age of my Dofus experience and on what's left of Convergence council (we're a pretty solid trio of semi-active to almost dead players by now, and I won't mention the state of some of our guilds haha) behalf you were a pretty important part of the organization and I thank you for that. Keeping this "short" (I've wrote too much already :P ) as this is almost feeling like I'm writing my own Dofus farewells (writing this while in class might also be a minor reason haha) I wish you the best, have a hella great time out there, you deserve it! ^_^ Cheers! Amet, your fluffy, snowy Canadian bear. P.S. I'll try to find some old screenshots once I get back home. I must have some saved on my trusty old laptop!
  5. While most of my experience on those fights comes from when I did it on my panda wich made it really easy to stall by throwing mobs over walls and such, the new osas seems to have a pretty nice stalling potential aswell so I guess there might be some common tactics to use. If you're still planning on trying the chest fight with a str set, I'd seriously consider using a Guten bow as it is a pretty cheap alternative to the otherwisr pricey Cateye's Bow and offer some pretty sweet damage and healing from afar. Combined with a Dokoko, if you're able to stall well the self sustain is pretty sweet. Using Guten might not be as useful on new osas tho, since cha is pretty much a useless stat with the new revamp. Just my 2 cents, as using Guten and going for a hit, heal and run strategy was like night and day when comparing to using my standard omni set on those 2 quests fights. #lifestealbows4life
  6. 2.36 beta changelog

    Really not convinced with the new UI. Well I really like the whole customizable side but on the other end everything being so squary is slightly annoying, I really prefered the old "smoother" design. #BeigeThemeUsersMatters #DicksOutForOldChatSystem
  7. Random Screenshots

    At least your 3 friends pets are happy to see you.
  8. Rushu goult thread #1

    Alright, caught up with 23 pages of drama, well spoken analysis and well spoken drama so I'll unlurk for some comments. Take everything I say with a bag of salt as I'm mostly a avid pvp spectator and not much else. I gotta say I really like the Xel/Masq/Rogue/X team, really strong and versatile composition as everyone previously mentionned that have no need to really repeat once more. I'll add that I feel that this composition can really shine depending on 2 factors : the Xelor and overall team synergy (between players, not classes obviously). The Xelor really is what makes or break the team IMO, especially under pressure. Being able to pull off those balanced Xelor Shenanigans (© Ankama Games) consistently really separate the Ogdru-Jahad/Jaquemart xelors from the poor plebian mummies. I'm not saying we have shitty Xelors, far from that actually, but operating under etreme pressure is something everyone should be ready to be and while screwing up mid-combo is pretty unforgiving in any team comp, considering the Xelor importance in the Xel/Masq/Rogue/X setup for moving stuff around and AP raping those baddies, we need some top shelf quality stuff, wich I think we have. Now on team synergy, and that's more of a general message, I'll get straight to the point, get those fingers out of your bumholes and instead of throwing shit at each others like the drama queens some of you are, grow up and try to be somewhat decent to each others. Not being able to try team comp X because Y and Z, despite both being great players, won't play together is pretty shitty (top grade analogies in that paragraph). As for the X in the Xel/Mas/Rog/X, as said before the choice really is going to be made depending on the other teams and how we (and by we I mean totally not me :lol: ) choose to play that team comp. A Cra can be used to bring some more ranged DPS and the obvious buffs and possible mp/ap raping (can be quite versatile depending on sets, really the most "neutral" choice IMO, it can adapt itself facing multiple team comps), a Enu can bring more supporting options and the Totally Balanced Bribe (©Ankama Games) and a Sadi a bit of both while adding another rampant threat for the ennemie comp to deal with (Bombs+Synchro+Dolls/Infected = one of them is probably going to work). There are other options obviously but that's the main 3 ones I see that can really fit in. That's pretty much how I see the Xel/Rogue/Masq/X comp, if anyone needs me I'll be sitting on the spectator and cheerleading bench and enjoying the matches and inevitable drama that is going to happen sooner or later, this is Rushu after all. Make us proud! B-) #GoRushu #Uthman4Goult #Dramaminator2k16
  9. Pokemon Sun & Moon!

    If that fire type ends up being another failed attempt of a pokemon with a cool concept but awful usability (hello Delphox :ph34r: ) I might cry. Inb4 Fire/Dark once fully evolved. Mega Flygon plox
  10. Ingrown Nails help required

    I can bring carver/carvmagus if needed for Work is Happiness. Now if only those bloody keys could drop....
  11. Kralove Opening Thread

    Considering I recently almost completed my pokedex and the only soul I'm missing is Mew Kralove, is anyone planning on opening kralove anytime soon or could help with this chore?
  12. RUSH'U

    Looking foward to spectate at least some of those matches, curious about the huppermage team. Too many Cras. 14 Teams, 9 Ecas. Purrfect
  13. Can we discuss group EXP for a moment?

    On group xp, there area already tons of ways that grouping up is favored over playing solo, but considering you leveled from 1 to 70 it might be why you had horrible results in group if you grouped with characters of a higher level. There is a multiplicative coefficient applied to gained xp after fights depending on how big the group is : 1 : 1,0 2 : 1,1 3 : 1,5 4 : 2,3 5 : 3,1 6 : 3,6 7 : 4,2 8 : 4,7 However to be considered as a "valid" member of the group and take part in the coef. determination your level needs to be at least 1/3 of the highest leveled char in the group. If you were leveling with a lv200 char by your side, you would not be considered in the coef. determination until lv67 roughly. You also get way less xp if your own level is far from the mean mob levels you are fighting, again this is quite significant if you were leveling with a bunch of high level chars facing lv150 mobs while being low level. As a general recomendation for quickly leveling a low level character when teamed up with high level chars, go on and do every low level dungeon achievements, the xp given by those quickly adds up and can get you to 80-90 quite fast (and seriously more fun than killing everything on sight for hours) B-)
  14. Rushu Dimension Portal Positions

    Srambad Portal [7,15] 85 uses
  15. Tokyo Ghoul

    Damn, Tokyo Ghoul is pretty mainstream to me. Season 1 was alright but season 2 was kinda disapointing to me at least. If you liked it, I would recommend any of those : Steins Gate Psycho-Pass (season 2 is a bit mehhhh tho) Death Parade Shinsekai Yori On a side note, I don't think we have any not-dead anime threads going around here have we? Might be something fun to bring back to channel my innner weeabo.