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  1. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    i just wanna say rip
  2. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    it had to be 30 wis
  3. Hello guys, as u know i had not playing dofus for a long time and i'm back and i restarted to take mage orders. But i'm just taking orders on high level items like catseye, vortex, qot and others. Mage Options: Over mage: Over 2-4% res / 8-12 cri res (16 cri res on tf items) / 70-120 vit / 2 Crit / over mp red, dod or lock whatever you want. Exo mage: AP, MP, Range, Summon (including another over stats if you want like 1 range 2% res) Note: The stats i told above are varies by item. Maybe i can mage better stats or worse, it depends on item. So don't ask me for 4% res 10 dam inky veil lol. Also i'm taking orders to make profit, not for favour. So please don't offer me item's craft price. Lastly this is not troll post, don't ask me for impossible things. You can write everything on Dofus, thanks.
  4. <b>Psycho-Pioneer Merchant [-1,0]</b>

    You are just trying to put me in trouble not having this inky. The stats you want is almost impossible and I would try that with AP sink. If it won't land approximetaly i'll lose 70mk. It is not even sure that i would have 10 dmg on it. I am not God, this is just about luck and if you are not ok with what I am offering you I won't even try it all. Also you better not show off me here. You could just pm me in game
  5. <b>Psycho-Pioneer Merchant [-1,0]</b>

    i can't promise about wis, i can go lower like 27-28 wis too
  6. <b>Psycho-Pioneer Merchant [-1,0]</b>

    As rushu prices yeah little over priced but i can still sell, on the other hand i have no time issue too
  7. <b>Psycho-Pioneer Merchant [-1,0]</b>

    At first you want really hard stats, if we can deal on price, i will try. I think it won't succeed with range sink, because of that i will try mage with AP sink. Nevertheless if it doesn't succeed, i won'tt try anymore. I want 200m for those stats, also im taking 20% of mage cost before mage. I'll give the your money back if I do not succeed
  8. Go visit my merchant for over mage & exo Catseye, Vortex, Qot, Whale and End game items, and im selling more items (spell point scrolls, dofuses, pets and other items) around 2,5b but im too lazy for the second merchant. Pm me that what you need. Psycho-Pioneev [-1,0] Also taking mage orders, only catseye, vortex, qot, whale and high level items like inky veil. Over mage options = 3% resistance, 2 Critical Hit, Over Element & Vitality) or whatever you want. Exo options = AP, MP, Range, Summon ( Exo orders will start in March ) Pm Psycho-Pioneer to get more information
  9. Goultaminator 2015 to do list

    We could't not practice because the masqs were not online. Stupeflip, Doz, Dark-Otiss and I were mostly online and we were practicing yet the masqs were not online and the practices were not sufficient. Afrojack gave us the information before about his missing attendances in the practice fights but you choose to sit at zaap and tell us " I dont need to practice". I dont have any personal problems with you yet we want to be successful as a server and there are only 3 days left to the fights so we want your immediate participation for the practice fights for the good of all.
  10. Selling Dofuses, Spell point scrolls, Pets, AP/MP/Summon/Range exo mages, Over mage items and weapons at [0,0] Everyday adding new items to merchant Taking mage orders ( over % res, Crit res, Over vit, Over element, Over crit and more without exo) -only maging vortex, qot, whale items and High level items like Inky Veil, Vigilante Cape.
  11. Buying Profession Scrolls

  12. Buying all Smith magus scrolls (Sword, Hammer, Dagger, Axe, Shovel) I need 4k scrolls, paying 5kk for ea (BOUGHT)
  13. Selling 2x Cloudy Dofus

    Selling 2x Cloudy Dofus - ea 160m