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  1. eefetou

    Under The Edge

    Considering starting 1.29 again but cba to multiaccount, any point to play solo or do I just bury this idea? (Have lvl 94 scrolled agi Iop on Eratz but would hop on to Henual for this fresh start. EDIT: Sorry for using this post but seems like this is where the active Henual discussion takes place.
  2. Deejay, Cra on Temporis 1, will nolife the server and hopefully begin abyss leech around lvl 130, depending on how my luck is with the equipment drops.
  3. eefetou

    The Quest for the Bird of Time

    Bump, also looking for help with this one.
  4. eefetou

    Leechin Services(Dungs/XP)

    Trustworthy and reliable service, got my alt from 170 to 200 in 2 days. Paid him 50% upfront and 50% after the service, had no issues at all.
  5. Heyo, it's a me, Deejay! I am a level 200 Feca and am looking for someone to leech/help me through Ilyzaelle's dungeon. I don't know about the prices so not to break the rules of this village I can promise a payment of 2 million kamas, negotiable. Leave a message here or catch me in game, I go by the name Deejay. EDIT: Got it done, thread can be closed/deleted
  6. I'm selling a 440 vitality Peki Peki with a Platypus mimisymbic! I'm looking for 6mk but I can go bit lower (note: bit lower doesn't mean 4mk) Contact me here or in game, Deejay's the name :D
  7. eefetou

    A quick introduction

    Hello everyone! I am Deejay the Rogue from Rosal, some of you may have seen me in game or the official Dofus forums, but I decided that it's time to join this community too! I started playing Dofus back in 2006 if I recall correctly, but never made it past level 30 back then... I gave up but found the game again in 2008 and actually worked my way through the first 40 levels as a young Osamodas, but found out that the class wasn't for me. I proceeded to play every class for a bit until I sticked to Sacrier for 70 levels, this took me over 2 years! Then something magnificent happened, the release of Rogues! I saw that they had guns and bombs and decided to dump the Sacrier to play Rogue - this was my greatest decision during all the time in Dofus! The new class offered me a challenge but after 4 years I got to say I love it! I'm currently playing an Agility Rogue and mainly focusing on Kolossium and having fun, I have no rush to hit 200, I've played for ages to get 194 so I might as well take another year x) Anyways, I'm currently part of Veldin's guild Fantastic Five and having a great time as a part of the (unfortunately slowly dying) community of Rosal. I'm always happy to meet new people and have a laugh with them so if you feel so, don't hesitate to message me! Anyways, I'm bad at introductions so feel free to ask any questions! :)7 -Deejay