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  1. Had them complaining about the map when they didnt move the prism. Like what did they expect.
  2. Would also like to point out for future reference he hit 2.9k on my iop and i dont know how.
  3. Final update: Beat him. Mob had 3 Greedovores. Crying.
  4. I looked on wiki and it currently says that ''On Spyktings turn, all characters who are 6 or more cells away from him, will enter Pacifist state.'' however this is inaccurate as even the characters within this distance were still put into the state, the only one that wasnt was my osa who was next to him. does anyone know how it actually works? Update, worked it out it, any chars he starts his turn next to are not in pacifist
  5. Thanks for the guide Snark and thanks for all the other helpg uys, will certainly help when I get down to doing this :)
  6. So with the nerfs to the dynamo combo and the nekineko any idea on the new easiest combos for 300 score? Need to finish up a few achievements.
  7. This is where we beg for stupid stuff right. Cool. I need an MP Shylocks ring and an Armoured Turkey [shi] Paulsicle
  8. Super hype. Wanted to try my new set on some different classes for a while.. Also praise xelor nerfs.
  9. Old thread is old but any advice on Biscotti for an Osa? ^ignore this just found the pervious post about osas
  10. www.twitch.tv/paulsicle Planning on covering whatever the people of shika want to see :) (will be covering shika games where i can ofc) - sorting a schedule asap
  11. If it is an issue with the campus internet you could try connecting to the internet using your phone as a hotspot?
  12. I'm pretty sure it was osa. But I can't be 100% sure. I just like classes that summon stuff :) Edit: fixed spelling mistakes (der)
  13. So I changed my idols around abit after dying to Dakid Behelit + minor behelit Oaf + minor oaf Great kyoub After an hour killing them slowly at range the game tells me some of my idols cant be used against tynril
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