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  1. psndofus

    Redesign of Pets

    Could anyone on the beta confirm if the pets are indeed still level 1?
  2. Need 64 Potentially Ultra-Powerful Kwismas Gift, willing to pay 100kk ea or 7m for all. IGN: Chalvington
  3. psndofus

    2.47 Livestream

    In the actual stream, did they mention any changes to petsmounts? With the buff to DTs, they're looking pretty useless now.
  4. On some days dofus runs fine but increasingly I keep getting dc'ed on my characters. At first I thought it must be a problem on my end but a friend says he's experiencing the same. A bigger issue for me is the game freezing. It only happens on one client and generally it's my sac's client it happens to. I found that playing slower helps (as in taking 3 second intervals between casting spells). Is anyone else having the same problems? I changed the sever port and fully cleared the cache but to no effect. Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Well this guy's a scammer so if possible, avoid buying his items.
  6. psndofus

    Apple iMac

    Thanks for the replies, time to build a new PC. Quite excited :)
  7. psndofus

    Apple iMac

    I managed to get an Apple iMac 21.5" Desktop (Intel Core i5, 1.6Ghz dual core, 8GB RAM) effectively free. I know a little about PCs and looking at the specs I believe it should be adequate enough to run 8 accounts smoothly but am not confident in this assumption. If anyone has run 8 accounts on an iMAc I'd really love to hear your input. I could always sell the iMac and get a new PC - something I am in need of - but I'd prefer to not have to. Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. psndofus

    Girl vs Wild - Dofus 2.41 Changelog

    Is it possible to use a wicked protector as a mimi or do they have any plans to do so?
  9. psndofus

    Easiest Profession to level to 100

    For anyone else, I managed to get 100 buying all mats for just under 1m.
  10. psndofus

    Easiest Profession to level to 100

    Thank you both for your help :)
  11. Hey, I'm running the Emerald Dofus quest on multiple characters and I'm looking for the cheapest and quickest way to get any prof to 100. Thanks for any help
  12. psndofus

    Server Fusion

    I was wondering whether there was any point to this. Surely the fusion would result in the paddocks staying at cost price rather than raising to Rushu's prices?
  13. psndofus

    Spell Variants

    Been away from the game a few months but came back and heard about Spell Variants. Then a guildie tells me that it's been abandoned. If it still happening could someone tell me when it will before I buy tons of spell points. Thanks
  14. psndofus

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Eek, think you forgot about power. I know the struggle.