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  1. Haxx

    Back at it again

    Will be starting up on Heroic again full time with some of the crew and playing competitively again, if anyone would like to try out the server under my wing I can show you the ropes on how to bully the frenchies. I won't babysit you with items and exp but give you the advice and show you how I play my team on this server, a demonstration of how the lads do it <3 Meet me in game on May 14th onwards, I'll be on Crunchiee or Crunchie-Profession
  2. Haxx


    The English community is almost nothing on the server, me and my guild Conspiracy Theory have thrown in the towel, there's about 1-2 people left from my guild that play, could try get in contact with Minerure or Ignore, tell them I sent you. Atleast if you get in the guild you'll have access to alot of houses/paddocks I managed to stash up during my time playing
  3. People attack my prisms thinking I'm offline :x
  4. Recruitment is open Hi everyone, just me back with another recruitment post! Please regard rest of post on info why! Thanks ! Why am I opening my guild to Recruitment? Hi everyone, as some or most of you may know I am one of the more so 'elite' players of this server for the English community. Some of the reasons why I've opened my guild up follows; There are no more leader-like figures for the English community, the people that do play have no one to follow and learn from. My guild and I would like to expand and potentially make another English alliance as previously succeeded in the past. The English player amount is declining a lot, it is very rare to find an English player that is an actual English player, majority of the 'English' players I find now are French players and etc just trying to be sly and get into the guild for many different reasons. I am due to come back to this server after a break and have reminisced on all of the fun times I've had on this server, and those times being with a lot of many different English players that give you a bit of a kick every now and then while you're playing. I want to bring more culture into the English community. What do I ask of you while being in my Guild? There are a few things I really hope to see in a person, these things are; Hands go both ways, if someone is in my guild I don't like them to be asking for stuff all the time, give a little get a little, doesn't matter what you have, if you are able to make it easier for someone by sacrificing your last bit of a resource, do it, because most times people giving you resources are in the same boat. The generic ones, trust and honesty - don't need to break these down. You make an attempt to get comms - we've a Discord newly made and are populating it - you don't have to have a microphone and talk to us, if you could just listen to us while we're doing an activity it would make it alot easier for us to organize and do things together as a guild. What are the benefits of being in my guild? This is the topic that catches most peoples eyes. :P We have an array of HIGHLY useful paddocks and houses to help you get places a lot faster, and a lot more hidden, these tools can help you stay alive believe it or not! We have players with years of experience of playing the server that are more than willing to pass on some knowledge about the server. We have people experienced in PvP, making it a lot easier to kill people without having to suicide attempt it! We are very generous when it comes to resources and helping craft things, as it can be a struggle for some. One thing people can never do is mage gear safely, I have the ability to mage gear 100% safe, as long as you supply the runes and the house potion, I can mage for you. What are some goals I have for my guild? Some of the goals I have are: An active member base of 10+ a day, this may not be a big thing but it matters more than you think! A guild with members that sustain themselves well (ability to level up, craft gear) without having to ask for too much too often A member base that often PvPs, you do lose characters in the process but it is definitely worth the fun and chance at getting some good loot, the more members you have, the easier it is! Members that I can have 'on-call' for PvP, or to recover items if someone dies in PvM. The Comms we use The communication tools we use are Teamspeak 3 and Discord ( https://discord.gg/h9PzxQR ) We do currently have a Discord server(currently populating) and we are deciding whether or not to rent a TeamSpeak server. Eye Candy I know everyone likes a bit of eye candy :D Fights where I win some goodies: And of course, when I lose some stuff : This concludes the post :) Therefore, if you would like to have a dive into the Heroic world, my guild and I can help you. Find me in-game on Crunchiie or Crunchie-Profession Or on Discord, https://discord.gg/h9PzxQR
  5. Haxx

    Looking for people to play with

    I'm on right now for the next 12ish hours just chillin, message me ingame Crunchiie or Crunchie-Profession , should find me at astrub zaap most of the time
  6. Haxx

    Looking for people to play with

    Do you still play? I have a Norwegian player in my guild, you could join and he'll show you the ropes
  7. Hello all, as you may know I use to have the best english alliance on server, it wasn't very big but with the guys we had we did achieve some good things. Once again, I am here to offer recruitment into an English alliance. Why am I back in an English Alliance? I really need to see the English take more of a stand on this server, I stress out that some english people work really hard and have nothing to show off on the server. I was continuously getting set back by being in other alliances, I would constantly die and die once I got to a new step of success on the server. I prefer playing with my own kind! What are the benefits of joining my alliance? You will play with some of the best english players on the server We have a free TeamSpeak server that allows us to talk easily We do have some bilingual people, so if you struggle on some words you could speak in another language We have alot, alot of level 200s, we can defend prisms and perceptors. We do PvP often, the only thing we lack is numbers, so please join! We do help others in PvM, with crafting, and anything we can help with. Can I bring my own guild into the alliance? Of course you can, just message me and we'll talk about it! Criteria you need to meet to join the alliance! I can't stress out about this enough, you need TEAMSPEAK! Even if you aren't able to talk, please just listen, its so crucial you know what's going on in a PvP plan or something. You need to be a player that doesn't quit after your first death, such a nightmare seeing this happen so often. I am connected almost 12~ hours a day, message Crunchiee for an invite. Anyone is welcome!
  8. Haxx

    The Time is Now

    Lock please forum mod, will make a new post
  9. English Mass Recruitment to LGN DISCLAIMER: If you don't want to write an application and feel its over the top, don't continue reading ! Only for those who are truly interested. 2nd DISCLAIMER: Not so sure if Untouchables is recruiting or for this idea, but I put them down as a guild that may invite(if problems with this just message me in game Ignore) REPLY TO THIS POST. THOSE WHO WILL REPLY WILL BE GIVEN MORE PRIORITY. Hello all, I have recently spoken to a few english players and they are very keen to join my guild or enter a guild into LGN. If you would like to enter LGN. If you feel as though our atmosphere in my guild or the guild you enter isn't the right one for you, there's another english guild in LGN, Untouchables, I could try ask the leader Ignore if he could adopt a few people *wink wink* Ignore What can I benefit from this? Firstly, you can benefit being in an environment that isn't dominated purely by French players, there is a mix of everything. Secondly, you can play with some of the big english players such as Ignore, Mord-mord, myself and a few others you'll eventually meet. You will have the opportunity to progress with the help of your own people in an alot safer way. LGN does have prisms that could benefit your experience on this server. You can be advised by some of the higher english players; don't think this is a strange thing ! Advice is one of the best things to have on this server. If you die in a dungeon, someone from the alliance would typically recover all of your things and give you your items back. What can you benefit from being in my guild or in Untouchables: You have access to some of the very useful paddocks / houses that could save your time and even your life. The guilds are already high leveled, making perceptors a very useful asset to your income. You are surrounded by pure english players, or players that can speak fluent english both in-game and on communication tools (teamspeak, skype) I have talked with all of the leaders of LGN so I'm very sure every single person will be added to LGN, or atleast I hope they will. I expect a few members from Rise to reply here :) Bochi if your nubbyness ever wants to come back to Oto ( we all know you want to ) I suggest you do so now while I have a window open for invites xD I will write up a template of the type of application you have to write, you just have to fill in the blanks and change it if you feel as if you don't like it Don't let this opportunity pass by ! You can play with some of the best english players on the server by being in this alliance! B-) The application of myself + guildies : http://sertuenheren.exprimetoi.net/t2854-recruitment-attempt-2 The application of Untouchables(Other english guild in LGN) : http://sertuenheren.exprimetoi.net/t2290-untouchables-guild-candidacy
  10. Bang bang english on top
  11. I got about 8 things and literally no one gave me anything except for one person, and he gave me a trophy(grateful of course) but pretty upsetting considering I played a massive role in that fight
  12. Ripperoni to another 199
  13. Haxx

    Ridiculous Support ticket

    I really think Ankama Support needs to pick up the slack.... too busy circle jerkin... so many problems have been reported about the subscription errors and they do nothing like fuuck I need to sub wallah inshallah Thats like this one time at band camp I stuck a flute up my pussy But Ankama needs to get the shit on lock, I don't know if anyone else is getting it, but every 10-30 minutes are stupid lag spikes that are fucking everything up, went on for days and then like the maintenance did nothing to help it, and still no way to subscribe on Oto Mustam so yeah support needs to stop playing stink finger and get some stuff sorted
  14. Selling ; 2 Royal Masto Hats( Both overmaged chance) - 2.5mill each 1 Royal Masto Amulets - 1.5m each 4 Notwithstand Rings - 1.2m each 1 Royal Pingwin Crown(Well maged for Chance) - 3mill 2 Dreggon Capes( Max Res + vit maged) - 1.5mill each 1 Cape Ricious (almost 100% statted) - 1.2mill
  15. Haxx

    Selling Gear

    yeah np when are you on next?
  16. I have done this with a few people; what I do is I invite them to guild without having an application done, let them build up a bit, get a few things going for themselves and then have them post the application, application is compulsary for the reason that spies and haters don't get through as easy, proves to LGN you can put a bit of effort into things you do. As Anodyne pointed out he will still have an alt guild that I will probably have a character or two in to help keep things going if needed. Edit : The applications that've been made so far are really good, fairly sure one of the admins want to talk to me regarding this and then they should put it in the private forum where we vote on it, and I'm sure nearly everyone will vote yes
  17. Haxx


    Spam what? I put it in different sections based on the forum description (level 100-149) (level 150)
  18. Selling: Powerful Dazzling Belt ( WITH MP EXO ) 7.5mill
  19. sertuenheren.exprimetoi.net Register an account, find the forum http://sertuenheren.exprimetoi.net/f22-recrutement-alliance Add to the post created by Sturridge
  20. 1 Major Stunter(100 agi, special set bonus) - 4mill Selling this
  21. Selling: 2 Buck Anear Rings - 2.5m each 1 Ring of the Prophets - 3mill 1 Obsidemon Helmet(str maged) - 4.5mill 3 Cantile Amulets - 3mill each
  22. Haxx


    If you guys can somehow farm these for a bit of money or gear I need 14 Wild Koalak Scarf 20 Bomma Stomach 53 Fistulina Volva 54 Pyrotechnic Brockhard Ear 42 Mopy King Fabric 42 Serpula Volva 2 Skeunk skin 20 esurient teeth 16 pandora master triq
  23. EDIT IF YOU'D PREFER TO DO IT THE WAY YOU WANT! Template: ____________ = FILL IN THE BLANK (Hello/Hi/Bonjour) ____ people of LGN, first I'd like to introduce myself. My name is ____, I am ___ years old and I am from the country ______. I started playing the server Oto Mustam in ______ . The reason I like this server is because of ______ and ______ . Some of the people I already know in LGN are Rays King Crunchie ________ Some of the history of myself on this server is that _______ _______ _______ Some of my goals on this server are that I want to ________ ________ ________ The characters I have available are _______ ( after the name, post a picture of what the character looks like in character select) _______ _______ The professions I have are _______ _______ _______ The reasons I'd like to LGN are ________ ________ ________ Thanks for your time! I hope you like my application! At the end of everyones post, I want someone to post a screen of all your characters on the same map(in a house) or something like that, usually helps a bit