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  1. Will be starting up on Heroic again full time with some of the crew and playing competitively again, if anyone would like to try out the server under my wing I can show you the ropes on how to bully the frenchies. I won't babysit you with items and exp but give you the advice and show you how I play my team on this server, a demonstration of how the lads do it <3 Meet me in game on May 14th onwards, I'll be on Crunchiee or Crunchie-Profession
  2. The English community is almost nothing on the server, me and my guild Conspiracy Theory have thrown in the towel, there's about 1-2 people left from my guild that play, could try get in contact with Minerure or Ignore, tell them I sent you. Atleast if you get in the guild you'll have access to alot of houses/paddocks I managed to stash up during my time playing
  3. I really think Ankama Support needs to pick up the slack.... too busy circle jerkin... so many problems have been reported about the subscription errors and they do nothing like fuuck I need to sub wallah inshallah Thats like this one time at band camp I stuck a flute up my pussy But Ankama needs to get the shit on lock, I don't know if anyone else is getting it, but every 10-30 minutes are stupid lag spikes that are fucking everything up, went on for days and then like the maintenance did nothing to help it, and still no way to subscribe on Oto Mustam so yeah support needs to stop playing s
  4. Spam what? I put it in different sections based on the forum description (level 100-149) (level 150)
  5. Selling: Powerful Dazzling Belt ( WITH MP EXO ) 7.5mill
  6. 1 Major Stunter(100 agi, special set bonus) - 4mill Selling this
  7. Selling: 2 Buck Anear Rings - 2.5m each 1 Ring of the Prophets - 3mill 1 Obsidemon Helmet(str maged) - 4.5mill 3 Cantile Amulets - 3mill each
  8. Selling ; 2 Royal Masto Hats( Both overmaged chance) - 2.5mill each 1 Royal Masto Amulets - 1.5m each 4 Notwithstand Rings - 1.2m each 1 Royal Pingwin Crown(Well maged for Chance) - 3mill 2 Dreggon Capes( Max Res + vit maged) - 1.5mill each 1 Cape Ricious (almost 100% statted) - 1.2mill
  9. If you guys can somehow farm these for a bit of money or gear I need 14 Wild Koalak Scarf 20 Bomma Stomach 53 Fistulina Volva 54 Pyrotechnic Brockhard Ear 42 Mopy King Fabric 42 Serpula Volva 2 Skeunk skin 20 esurient teeth 16 pandora master triq
  10. I thought Dolmanax was linked to account?
  11. -L-E-M-O-N- (Xyx) is not online. Is also on Oto-Mustam, playing as Lawdylawdz In the past he is Mikomi from Shika and Zomfrog from Rushu, befriends you then scams. Another high-risk english scammer on Oto-mustam is Planetary-damage Disintegrator-sin Vase Known as Wayne, plays all three, runs the guild Superia on Break in the alliance Kids Scammed an english player on Oto named Tip-c , ended up stealing 500mk+ on Zato
  12. A point I'd like to throw out there I've died multiple times on level 199s on oto, i don't feel bad honestly because its so easy to get back to that stage, i really mean it is. I can leech myself back to level 199, from level 1 in 2 days doing 100% safe exp. I have lv 200 sac that clears mobs the fastest in the dungeon. and for those who say 'why put hours of pointless work into dying and resetting back to 0' thats like me saying why play regular servers if your going to spend time on the server. btw Fox-News its me Crunchie :D i havent seen u in so long :( and bochi u scrub play actively
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