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  1. B>Vulbis Dofus

    Like u can see in title ill wanna buy a Vulbis Dofus ^^. Im ready to pay 340mk so please pm me in game /w Bissonka Or just comment here
  2. Perma Ban Scam (echo)

    So try hard for scam xd ahahaha. These bots is so stupid
  3. Ivory Quest Guide

    which quest need to do for go in the cavern at frigost " Go visit 3 sisters in a cave in frigost at [-76,-80]. "
  4. Str sac? its no more any str sac now lol
  5. S> Razorbuck

    Sell Karmeleon Razorbuck for 22 mk, pm me in gave "/w Bisson" or answer here, thanks
  6. Buy atcham sword or trading it for razorbor + kama/item Answer here or pm me in game "/w Bisson"
  7. B> Nuggets

    Pm me /w Bisson
  8. Dofus 1.29

    Who know why i get error before im login? I mean this !NO_SERVER_ADRESS! how to fix it? T_T
  9. "The Costs of Fate" Need help

    thank you very much
  10. Hi guys today i starter with achievement "Four Over Five" And i stay close with quest "The Costs of Fate". I cant find where i must search for boomerang to Bivoak´s. Maybe anyone know where are this? :(
  11. B> Atcham´s Hair

    Hi, i try to find some one who selling atcham´s hair. If u will sell it to me, just write here and i will contact you or pm me in dofus when i am online "/w Bisson" Just copy this so it will be faster. Thanks ^^
  12. Hi, im stay fast on this quest. I dont know why i cant craft this quest item. I tryed with 200 Carver/Smith/Handyman. But it does not working :/ Can anyone help my pls