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  1. Mavvo


    Sorry ... The hosting has expired and I have lost all the settings, the configuration and probably also some site data.
  2. Mavvo


    Try now, it should be ok
  3. Mavvo


    You are my personal ISDOFUSGODOWN app
  4. Mavvo


    Sorry man. It's now back online.
  5. Mavvo


    Yes, it expired. I will pay in 1 hour or so Edit: it's live!
  6. Mavvo


    Be sure to click the gear nexto the score and input your characteristic. Then it will match the ingame idols window exp
  7. The id is from Ankama I dont add my own stuff but I just keep what they use. Sure you can make what best suits you.
  8. Here you go, I made something not so fancy. https://dofusgo.com/app/quests ID - Suggested lvl- Quest name
  9. I'm working on a new version, it will have more features for https://dofusgo.com/app/idols
  10. I had 25mk in my mind, I can lower it to 24mk. I'm not sure the second order has the right price, I might try a dozen of attempts on it to see if i'm right.
  11. First order: It costed way more than i expected. How much are you willing to pay?
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