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Everything posted by Hell-Angel

  1. Leechin Services(Dungs/XP)

    Paid upfront for getting my alt 197-200, delivered in time, didn't have any problems. Helpful service, thanks.
  2. EDITED POST: [SELLING] - 3x Ivory Dofus

    I'd like to grab one. IGN: Hellburn
  3. B> Ivory Dofus

    Looking to buy one for 150mk. Pm here or /w Hellburn in game.
  4. B> Ivory Dofus

    Bump. Increased offer.
  5. Post your goals and achievements

    It'd be nice if Koutoulou Impertinence didn't exist.
  6. Buying Ice Dofus 25mk, x2 Cloudy Dofus 52mk each. /w Hellburn
  7. Bonta align quest lvl 86 (Qu'tans mini dungeon)

    I can help out for free. Got 6 characters. /w Hellburn
  8. Looking for Bird of Time leech

    As the title says, paying whatever reasonable amount. Got 2 characters. /w Hellburn or pm here for contact.
  9. leeching service

    I'll pm you in a second.
  10. leeching service

    I can run you through for free. I'm usually online after 11am dofus time.
  11. Looking for Bird of Time leech

    I believe only characters who has the quest or has already completed the quests can join the fight.
  12. I was doing the quest on 2 of my characters, one went fine and other is stuck on "Show Watchers Dofus to Khelebragon" step even though I talked to the NPC on both characters at the same time. NPC is also gone from the map for both characters so I can no longer update the quest. Cleared cache, tried on a different computer, didn't do anything. What else can I do?
  13. The quest for the bird of time, step bugged

    Thanks for the help. NPC came back after I traded Watchers Dofus in and out of inventory and came back to map.
  14. The quest for the bird of time, step bugged

    I did. My eca can enter the Megalith but eni can't.
  15. Whenever there's a big update coming out there's this problem where a bunch of people are trying to login and you have to wait until some of them lose interest to get into the game otherwise you just keep getting a dumb error. I find it very lazy that instead of identifying and fixing the issue they just ignore it and choose to make people suffer everytime. If they had a working queue and you had to wait say 20 minutes to get in that's fine but even that's not working.
  16. Looking for exp service

    Need to get 1.4b exp on my iop. Paying 100kk/10m exp
  17. B> Ochre 34mk

    /w Hellburn or pm here
  18. Girl vs Wild - Dofus 2.41 Changelog

    I don't know if it has anything to do with that but 2 of my characters had the tag '[Rus]' before last maintenance. When I checked character pages the name didn't exist nor I could change my name back to original. After last maintenance I got both of the names back even though I had already used name change potion.
  19. B> Gein's map fragments

    Need 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, paying 150kk each. Pm here if interested so we can sort out a time to meet up in game.
  20. B> Gein's map fragments

    Bought 3,4. Still need 1,2,5,7.
  21. [Resolved / Refunded] (Rushu)

    Short story short, I contacted Jappar to leech my alts, he said he'd do it for X amount of kamas in 2 days. Then I got this message from him: Tomorrow evening I login to see what's up. Jappar is online but removes me from friends and adds to his ignored list just as I try to pm him. I try to send a couple of messages here and wait a few days but no replies. I already made half the payment so I'm fu**ed once again. I wish people would at least let you know that you got scammed so you can move on faster. But that might be too much to expect from someone so desperate.
  22. [Resolved / Refunded] (Rushu)

    I was refunded by Urmom, cool people for looking after their members :)
  23. I'm looking for somebody who can leech 3 of my alts from lv178 to lv199 in 1-2 days. Each of them has 600+ wis with x1 modifiers. Paying after the leeching is done. Paying 35mk in total. Pm here if interested. Thanks.
  24. Looking for somebody to leech my alts

    Bump. Increased payment.
  25. Looking for somebody to leech my alts

    Sure I'd be happy to. When do you usually play?