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  1. Hell-Angel

    Leechin Services(Dungs/XP)

    Paid upfront for getting my alt 197-200, delivered in time, didn't have any problems. Helpful service, thanks.
  2. Hell-Angel

    EDITED POST: [SELLING] - 3x Ivory Dofus

    I'd like to grab one. IGN: Hellburn
  3. Hell-Angel

    B> Ivory Dofus

    Bump. Increased offer.
  4. Hell-Angel

    B> Ivory Dofus

    Looking to buy one for 150mk. Pm here or /w Hellburn in game.
  5. Hell-Angel

    Post your goals and achievements

    It'd be nice if Koutoulou Impertinence didn't exist.
  6. Buying Ice Dofus 25mk, x2 Cloudy Dofus 52mk each. /w Hellburn
  7. Hell-Angel

    Bonta align quest lvl 86 (Qu'tans mini dungeon)

    I can help out for free. Got 6 characters. /w Hellburn
  8. Hell-Angel

    leeching service

    I'll pm you in a second.
  9. Hell-Angel

    leeching service

    I can run you through for free. I'm usually online after 11am dofus time.
  10. Hell-Angel

    Looking for Bird of Time leech

    I believe only characters who has the quest or has already completed the quests can join the fight.
  11. Hell-Angel

    Looking for Bird of Time leech

    As the title says, paying whatever reasonable amount. Got 2 characters. /w Hellburn or pm here for contact.
  12. Hell-Angel

    The quest for the bird of time, step bugged

    Thanks for the help. NPC came back after I traded Watchers Dofus in and out of inventory and came back to map.
  13. Hell-Angel

    The quest for the bird of time, step bugged

    I did. My eca can enter the Megalith but eni can't.
  14. I was doing the quest on 2 of my characters, one went fine and other is stuck on "Show Watchers Dofus to Khelebragon" step even though I talked to the NPC on both characters at the same time. NPC is also gone from the map for both characters so I can no longer update the quest. Cleared cache, tried on a different computer, didn't do anything. What else can I do?
  15. Whenever there's a big update coming out there's this problem where a bunch of people are trying to login and you have to wait until some of them lose interest to get into the game otherwise you just keep getting a dumb error. I find it very lazy that instead of identifying and fixing the issue they just ignore it and choose to make people suffer everytime. If they had a working queue and you had to wait say 20 minutes to get in that's fine but even that's not working.

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