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  1. *old grandma voice* The bot was a player who used to fish a lot. He also loves his sacrier and wanted the best gears for him. Sadly, he died of an unknown disease but, for some reasons, his character continued fishing for him. He used to collect rare swordfish that's why he's always patrolling those areas. They said it's better to leave the bot alone.... never invite it to your group... Bad things have happened to those who dared. You have been warned.
  2. i was honestly waiting for creepy things to happen like your pc blacking out with weird sounds or something lol
  3. Commission for Shingun. Definitely one of my most enjoyable pieces since I love dark themes. (that's a blokus btw... plus modified shadow headgear aw yis) Im just glad i finished this even with the lag. it was so delayed tho T.T sorry
  4. I exp a lot but it's not something I consider power leveling, plus, I only got two characters so I mostly do it with friends. I'd offer you to join but I'm afraid it's not really something with insane exp or whatever. Me and my friends use idols though and we're a pretty fun bunch... I guess lol. But if you're looking for a professional leveling group (with crazy idols and 100% challenges) then I'm sorry to say that I currently don't know any. Also alliances are a pretty nice way to look for people who exp. Not being biased but based on what I see because I belong to the alliance, One has a lot of active non 200 players and I see people looking for groups daily.
  5. okay, so I have tried every help I could find online. -uninstalling/reinstalling drivers (like I tried installing different drivers and uninstalling the others, etc. etc) -turning off things on my OS -reinstalling my drawing program I recently updated to windows 10 (not a month ago) BUT I was still able to draw properly until this week. I would think that problem lies in my paint tool due to the fact that when I try to make a quick stroke with my mouse, it lags too. But then I tried photoshop and the tablet pressure was also fucked up (no lags though). .___. idk what the problem is. Maybe it's the windows 10 since wacom didnt release a new driver for it. sigh. lol. Im able to draw but it's really annoying. p.s actually I didnt update on purpose. I passed out on my laptop then when I woke up, bam, windows fucking 10.
  6. Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch , probably CTH661
  7. Hi guys, so I won't be accepting any requests for now because for some reasons, my tablet (Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch) is experiencing a really frustrating pen lag and a pressure problem. I'm just finishing the last current commission then I'm off to fix this thing. Hopefully I do because I can't really get a new tablet as of the moment. ._. if someone could help me, it would be well appreciated (Ive tried google and all D: ) Thanks.
  8. what i see every time enis use Vampiric Word
  9. oh lol i thought you were yeonie too, I'm sorry :unsure:
  10. If my memory serves me right, Yeonie/Bake was selling cloudy a few days ago. You could pm her.
  11. Can I just say.... I love the layout of this topic. *-*
  12. when ur 101% done with shit
  13. hi, I'm bored and resting from strawberrie's commission so I'm gonna do free a doodle for two people. just comment here with pic. lol thanks. first come first serve.
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