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  1. Looking for xp service

    I'm looking for a person that can xp my feca from lvl 51 to 200. I'm willing pay 30mk for that. I pay half beafore and half after. I provide wisdom gear 100wis scroll and wisdom candies. I send you passwords and you just xp character. Only people's that are really interested can impsvillage message me or contact in game Tofusawa (not play much prefer impsvillage message) Feca is xp x1.
  2. I buy 3x Plum and golden seemyol chameleon lvl 100. My offer is 15mk each! Msg me here or Tofusawa/Alz on echo. Thank you 😘
  3. Tofusawa Merchant [ -32,-54] Bonta Marketplace

    Added some new things and lowered the prices !! New position is [0,1] Amakna
  4. I set merchant in Bonta Marketplace map. All items in merch are 5-15% cheaper than the cheapest in market . If you looking for some things cheaper visit it ! Any questions or negotiations msg Alz ing .
  5. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    I realy dont like how shields looks now . Beafore this update was much better .... Also all my raydi shields changed into some ugly black circle ... Is it glitch or ?
  6. Bye

    I back to Dofus game 3 months ago after one year break ... Those 3 months of my game was rly fun for me . Thanks to everyone for help with achivments and quests . Thx too ppls that gives me many good advices and tips in dofus . But i feel like this game takes advantage over my life again. I spent too much hours there and i feel i need break again . I hope i will see you again guys one day . Thank you for everything . Iwasawa-Loves aka Alz
  7. Is a team required to enjoy the game?

    If you just friend some peoples with team i dont think you need your own . i played a lot years single account and i had fun . If you have troubles in some duegons or need some tips you can message me Iwasawa-Loves on echo .
  8. A case of the...

    Welcome back. If u looking for some support tips or advices message Iwasawa-loves!
  9. [The Shire] is recruiting.

    The Shire is very nice guild with bunch of nice peoples! I recommend it!
  10. Looking for Bird of Time leech

    I can TRY with my team for totally free. But I never did it beafore. If you want try with me message Iwasawa-loves. I be online in 1hour that message been posted.
  11. The quest for the bird of time, step bugged

    Well then you can report bug here https://support.ankama.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I don't have other clues
  12. The quest for the bird of time, step bugged

    Tried check the xelorium to find him? I not done this yet but I would try
  13. Where is the Feca emote?

  14. Need help with achivs. (CLOSE)

    Contact me Iwasawa-Loves i can help :P