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Alz94 Tofusawa

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  1. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Kame's New Art Thread

    @MonkeyKame Thank you Its wonderfull . i love you
  2. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Dofus Client cant update HELP :3 Error U04020095

    I fallow your instructions. I downloaded game it was 40mb. Then I open the .dmg file. It made and icon I dragged Into applications and totally removed. Game updated and I could play it one time. After close game I got same error on updater like beafore
  3. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Dofus Client cant update HELP :3 Error U04020095

    No but it's the same problem. Ankama support is useless... They don't rly Help changed with them like 5tickets... In new Mac option repair disc permissions not exist anymore... And I don't know any safe program i can install to try... Mac isn't my and I don't want broke pc... I was thinking about that : https://www.titanium-software.fr/en/index.html It's got option repair disc permissions but I can't find any opinions about if that program is safe and legit
  4. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Dofus Client cant update HELP :3 Error U04020095

    Thats not rly can help . Someone got any other ideas?! Thanks
  5. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Sell Rhineetle Bow

    As in topic i want sell rhineetle bow . Price is 70mk . Write here or message Omnidirectional in game ! Eventually u can contact Tofusawa. Stats of bow :
  6. Hello ! Error is on MAC pc Yesterday my dofus updater gave me a notification "An error occurred whilst writing to disk. Check that there is sufficient space and that you have the necessary rights.". I reinstalled the game and it worked again (the resolution and chat screen was not that clear, a bit blurry, and i could not fix it). This morning, as I wanted to logg in, I got the same error message. I deleted the game again, reinstalled, could logg 1x, I closed the game and now I get the same notification. I read your "Error U04020095 : An error occurred whilst writing to disk" but did not understand that fully. I checked my diskspace, I read here that you need 3 GB free space and i got 72 GB so I don't see the problem there. Thanks for any tips or help !!!
  7. Alz94 Tofusawa

    BUY Fuji ring mp Exo

    As in topic I want buy fuji ring mp Exomage. I can offer 8-15mk depending on stats. Post here send me priv msg or contact me in game. Tofusawa
  8. Thank you for following me.:).

  9. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Wild Crimson Rhineetle Sell

    I want sell Wild Crimson Rhineetle . The price is 70 mk( to negotiation ) TO MAKE DEAL OR FOR MORE INFORMATION MSG Ad-Carry ign
  10. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Sell Parasol Emote

    Hello I want to sell a bit rare emote Parasol ! U need safety in rainy day? U dont want get tanned bcs sun ?! The Parasol emote is just for you !! My price is 30mk ! But if u want make some other offer u can post it here or msg Tofusawa in game
  11. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Kralove Opening 2 June at 5:00 PM DOFUS TIME

    I tried find help on that forum several times.... In kravole or some quests... Never someone answer me so you should not expect too much from here. If u need help u should ask anjulica if her alliance can help. I can help too 10characters dispose. Msg Tofusawa Ig when u willing do that. That forum is dead and ppls care only about their asees :p
  12. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Koutoulou Impertinance Help

    Hello . Im cra 200lvl , got every item in game( can go any element u want ) .... im looking for help to do kout impertinance . I offer for that service 10-15mk. If you got enoguht skill and team to help me msg Tofusawa . Thank you :)
  13. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Kravole Opening 28 April 2018

    Hello!! I'm looking for few good souls that wiling help me open kravole Saturday 28april 2018 around 20:00 (8pm) UTC+01:00 Europe Timezone. I bring my team 8looot and few friends but still need some help. If you intressted help me just leave me your nickname here or message me in game : Tofusawa or my discord name #ushi3425 Thank you and I really appreciate any help :3
  14. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Guild Knave Recruits

    We Also Start own alliance !! If you like join our team let me know ! For now its just for fun but if we get more ppls we will see :3
  15. Alz94 Tofusawa

    Guild Knave Recruits

    We still looking for new members :3 Our discord is very active, guild atmosphere is great! Any lvls are welcome! We can help you do duegon you can't do. You find here people's to join 3 vs 3 kollosium or just voice/txt chats with someone when you bored! Soon we will start do guild events where u can win awesome things.