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  1. Farewell Dofus

    Hahahah yeah I don't know how he'll ever do PvM again ;). Maybe he'll just stick to PvP. Thanks for your kind words though <3 Iook forward to seeing you with more points than me :D no matter how many years it'll take (JK I'm sure you'll beat me very soon hahah)
  2. Farewell Dofus

    You'll have to find other people you can say you're quitting to on a daily basis now XD. Omg, I did remember!! You needed help killing the 1200 minoto since you were too noob and I saved you c: Hahahaha you've seen me die an uncomfortable amount of times, you prefer me dead than alive T.T But in all seriousness best of luck to you as well :). Hope we keep in contact! Thanks so much man :) They were never stupid questions xD, but I'm really happy we met in INT and became good friends, I only wish you the best in your endeavours! No doubt you'll be better than me in every way soon x) Thanks for this post Amet <3 Indeed I wouldn't have even considered quitting before like a month ago, but I've done a complete 180 :(. It certainly was amazing knowing you as well and Convergence was the bomb back then! heheh. Best of luck to you with your studies as well, sounds like they're keeping you fairly busy ;). If you indeed decide to quit as well, you're welcome to join the club ^_^! Hahahah thank you very much! Appreciated :). Once you reach 12k achieves :<<< Shouldn't be a problem for a pvm god tbh though. I look forward to your daily beg messages <3. Alternatively you should come join the quit club :<. It's pretty chill here. I might have a mild case of OCD xD. No problem man, it was my pleasure :). Best of luck with everything! Thanks Anj! :) I'm glad you learned some crucial pieces of Australian culture from me. I'll add you right now. ^^ Thanks a bunch, best of luck to you in the future as well!! :) Don't worry I had to install all of my wires underground recently because of a recent kangaroo incident. All is well :) Cheers man (:
  3. Farewell Dofus

    Hi everyone, As the title suggests, you'll soon no longer see me around (waits for the cheering to die down). I've made this tough decision after a couple weeks of toiling over the idea. Over the years, Dofus has progressively become more demanding on my time as I became more addicted to it. Even now, I love logging on just to chat and do any number of things Dofus has to offer. However, I'd rather spend this time on things more applicable to my life that will help me in the real world. So, I've reluctantly decided to leave Dofus. I'll keep this brief (besides the personal goodbyes) since who can be bothered to read boring walls of text, but I just wanted to thank everyone I've encountered in my time on Dofus. I've honestly learnt so much, especially from my guild. I wanted to make Clash of Guilds the final thing I did with the guild (congratulations to either Platinum or Punishment!), and hence I've held off quitting until now. It was truly a bunch of fun, so thanks a million guys. I wouldn't still be playing Dofus without y'all, the amount of memories we've shared together is overwhelming. There are so many amazing people on Rushu I don't want to forget, so if I was your friend, don't hesitate to send me a message here on imps or Skype or something and I'll add you on Facebook :). (Click on the spoiler below if you were a good friend) Goodbye <3 -Tyzii
  4. S> Dofuses

    I'm interested in buying x1 ice dofus please ^^ My IGN is Tyzii
  5. Merry Christmas!

    I've been good this year Santa! Wow thanks for organising this.
  6. Post your goals and achievements

    We had our level 200 celebration party last night :). Was loads of fun with bundles of prizes being handed out. Thanks everyone for all the good times over the years and congratulations to the guild once again! Thanks Shiki for this amazing drawing!!!!
  7. Post your goals and achievements

    Woo! If anyone wants to try Danti 300, then I'd strongly recommend this tactic but sub out sac for literally any other class. All you need are two intel cras and an 180+ MP reduct enu. You should be able to get it within 1-3 tries :). Here's the video for anyone interested! P.S. Rushu sacs are on fire atm!
  8. Free Frig 1/2 running

    Shocked no one wants to take advantage of this service! I shall advertise it.
  9. Post your goals and achievements

    An emotionally scarring experience, but finally all f3 duotages are done!! ;) Next up are f3 solotages yea no Here's the video for anyone interested:
  10. Work is Happiness

    I'm actually not sure either lol Amet, but ty, forgot you were a carver <3 I never actually got your IG name Zenkun haha, can't contact you. Edit: Team Convergence unlocked the gate, finally done!!! :D Thread can be locked.
  11. Work is Happiness

    Hi ^^ So, unfortunately I still need this quest more than ever, and I'm willing to pay 1mk per profession character who comes and helps out (provided that the gates open). Another downside is that my timezone is GMT +10, and so I'm not really willing to do DUT 17:00 onwards which seems to be popular with most people. For those who don't know: You need 5 level 200 smiths with level 200 magus on that same character, and the same with 3 carvers. If you can help in any way, please let me know! :) Thanks
  12. Random Screenshots

    You just made me cry for a solid 5 minutes :/ *my dreams are crushed*
  13. Random Screenshots

    To all those people who said I couldn't fly
  14. Hey, I've just come back from a week holiday, and I was wondering if this was still on? PM me IG if anyone is still interested :) (I definitely am)
  15. Can't log in

    Wow I'm surprised you managed to do all of that so quickly ;) That message is because the servers are under-going a routine down-time which usually lasts for about 2-3 hours. The servers should be back up in about 1hour and 30mins (note this happens every week at this time).