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  1. I have alot of those arches spare, you still need all or does your list need to be updated?> my ING = Silent-Knight
  2. Hello guys! So I made a list with the Archmonsters I still need for Eternal Harvest, Could you guys please check if you got them spare? I can pay 50-150kk each depending on how rare they are or trade for other ones. ( I got dozens of archs double ) My Ingame name is : Silent-Knight and Im playing on Rosal. Here is the list: The Dangerous = The Pirate Boat ( Moon Island ) The Black = The Draggon Sanctuary The Off = Bonta/Brakmar Sewers The Hummer = Bonta/Brakmar Sewers The Fortunate = Sidimote Moors The Barefoot = The Draggon Sanctuary The Dynamic = The cemetery of the Tortured The Stunned = Dark Treechnid Forest The Stewart = Enchanted Lakes The Balancing Force = Primitive cemetery The Creator = Primitive cemetery The Dark = Dark Jungle I will update the list if i have more than 5 new arches to avoid to much spam. You can leave a post here if you have some arches or pm me In game. Thnx for checking ^^
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