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  1. So the set would look something like this I believe, http://dofusfashionista.com/s/sram/MTg3Nzc1OIFtslg_/ The only problem I believe is it might be a bit over my budget. Looking at Rushus marketplace, An Ochre + Ap Hairsh Exo is 60mk+ alone. Then tread set would be like 30mk? Plus turq (optional) and server transfer, that puts me right around 100mk if those are the correct prices.
  2. Alright sorry about that, I've been messing around on fashionista and is the Queen of Thieves sword still extremely expensive? Also there are many french named items, are those in game yet? So far Riff Hatchet is looking the most appealing, probably wouldn't use it much as a weapon, just for stats. I haven't been able to get in game yet and still have to look at the patch notes - I forgot they changed the critical hit system... Fashionista doesnt have a way to calculate that do they?
  3. Is fuji really the best option? and you prefer using sets rather than trophies?
  4. Hello, Im wondering about returning to the game, I have a lvl200 Sram, lvl199 panda, and 186 Eni, but i was thinking of just focusing on my sram. I only have a crimson, ap/mp gelano, and a 8crit res exo hairsh bracelet on him. I could probably gather around 70-100mk, would this be enough for a decent str/agi or pure agi set?
  5. I am looking to pay around 50-60mk depending on the stats of the ring, Pm me in game, Alfakenybody Close
  6. Class: Sram Build: Str/Int/Agi Kamas/time available: No dofuses, 60mk, can afford ap or mp exo Current team: Sram/Eca/Eni/Panda Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: 11/6 would be preferred. 4 range minimum. thank you! I am currently Int/agi 11/6 with 1050agi and 900int
  7. Class:Feca Build:str/int or Omni Kamas/time available: 120mk Current team: Feca, 199 Cha Panda, 186 Int Eni, 170 Wis Eca Lvl range:200 Extra comments: Right now I am planning on using this with an ap exo on the bearb band. It focuses on Str/Int with a bit of agility. Basically, I am clueless as this will be my first level 200 in eight years of playing. PvP or PvM oriented : both
  8. What I Have Acct1: Panda Cha 199 28% Acct2: Feca 199 66% (Omni at 200) Acct3: Eca 170 (Soon to be str/agi) Acct4: Eni 186 currently int What I Want Number of New Accts: 0-1 Goal: F3 dungeons once the eni and eca catch up. Leaning Toward:would like to keep the same team, was just looking for thoughts on how they would fair. Open to suggestions though!
  9. eva-rox is the same person, be careful everyone
  10. I am selling a 17ch turq dofus, asking price 41mk. Pm me in-game alfakenybody or puzzle Also willing to trade for an 18ch turq SOLD
  11. I was looking at changing my lvl199 str masq into str/cha. Is chance still viable? A guildie told me chance masqs were changed but I couldnt seem to find the change in the dev blogs
  12. Class: Ecaflip Build: Omni Kamas available: No Exos, No ochre, Vulbis, Dolmanax, Ice. Lvl range: 199 Extra comments: PvM and small amounts of kolo. Would prefer 12/5. All the sets I make seem to direct me towards Missiz Freez set but I end up having low agi.
  13. Class: Panda Build: Any, preferably hybrid Kamas/Time Available: 10-25mk Current team: 195 Eca 195 Panda 185 Eni 170 Cra Level range: 195-197 Extra comments: Would just like a PvM set for my panda. I can fit my team to cover the elements. 12/5 is preferred
  14. Yeah I think I'm going Peccary, Fuji Set, Nevarks Amulet/Belt, with a Gelano mp maged.Plum/Ivory 11/6 With jackanapes. Ends up with around 3900hp (Including Emerald and Survivor). Godswrath is still a ways away since my Eca is 192 atm. Thank you for helping confirm this decision for me. :)
  15. Class: Ecaflip Build: Str/Agi or Str/Agi/Cha Kamas/time available: 25mk Current team: 192 Eca, 195 Cha/Int Panda 180 Int Eni Lvl range: 195 max Getting close to Fuji set but not sure if I want to be Str/Agi/Cha or Str/Agi. Looking for a set that is 12/5 or 11/5. Decent Vit and resists and nice damage. PvM Oriented
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