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  1. Ty bro, it's cool indeed Hue Help is on the way
  2. DEVOURER Gotta devour em' all Who are we? We are a casual international guild with people from all over the world. We talk a lot & make zaap sitters run away. Why should you join us? Our Discord is full of adult content and hot asian girls pics. Once you join us you become a part of us and you'll never wanna go away. We are a guild like no other. We will build a wall to keep French players off Dofus. You can get perceptor rights if you work hard so frenchies can kill it right away. Who are we looking for? Sexy girlz with big bobs People who can leech guildies and guild on korri souls for free Brazilians, 90% of guild Br already huehue Cool bois Imps mods How to join? Are you a cool boi or a hot girl? Well then this is the right place for you. Join our Discord Staff Leader: Rikoss SiCs : Bark-Loud Rec Officers: Some brs
  3. bump we’re part of Hype alliance still recruiting 108 members rn
  4. Hey everyone! Some of you might know me by name Goku(rushu, beginning of echo..). Maybe in a good way, or a bad one, some of you probably didn't like me at all or still don't, well, I am fine with either. I know there were some moments I have been arrogant, unfriendly, cocky and my behaviour was probably unpleasing at some point in some people's eyes and I am sorry for that (I actually mean it, what is the point of having virtual enemies, when you could be friends), I have changed at some point, and grew up a bit since last year, and I do not have big interest in such things anymore. Apologize to all people I have been mean to. My guild has been known for being one of the most active, doing daily guild hunts both as PvP and PvM, with many people at koths, prism hunts etc.. Jiyuu History We have been formed 24/01/2016 by Goku on the server Rushu My guild history in the past was very rich, being in most guilds from A to Z (nothing to grab about..), finding no guild interesting at all, I have decided to make a guild. I decided to name the guild Sanctum at first, opening its doors to every single level. Making it a community focused guild. After convincing my friend Ginyu, that this time it is for real, I convinced him into joining the forces with me once again. Making him the co-founder and Second in Command. later changing to Akatsuki with the minimal level of 150+. As we have found out the servers are going to merge, knowing there is an italian guild named Akatsuki. We decided to change our name and emblem to Jiyuu (word for freedom in japanese). Once the guild had less and less guild spots left, we have decided to rise the minimal level to 190+. After the server merge, we have been the leaders of alliance called Dynasty. Being the strongest alliance on server in the beginning of Echo. Since then our guild has become super active, with 50+ players online, being able to defend alone, forming multiple perceptor hunting groups at once and having a lively chat. Well, our guild has had its lively and its less-lively times. The guild has changed some alliances since then, changing members of the guild and also some changes, and addition to the staff of the guild. The leader of the guild at that time was Goku, following Ginyu, Che-Guevara,Xavieless,Swizzy, Dmonkey and lately Vacci-heal. Well, people say nothing lasts forever, especially the fun when you are playing a single game for around 10 years. I became bored with the game, deciding to rather focus on life. It was a hard choice, with my low trust. But after some thinking I decided it is better to risk, than let a guild die. I have decided to pass the leadership of the guild to Dmonkey, considering him a good friend, and respectable player. I have decided to quit the game completely, not planning on returning. It lasted two months, returning from my holiday in Thailand, I found out most of my good friends from the guild had left, leaving the guild allianceless with rapid loss of members. Asking the members of what had happened, I have been told the guild had been sabotaged by the person I gave my lead to. I have not been there, so I cannot judge him. But if it is the truth I am quite disappointed in him. After almost a year of break, which is quite something for me, I have decided to come back, and try to give the game another try, including the guild. Honorable mentions: Goku - for creating the guild, leveling the guild with his alts, recruiting, holding events Ginyu - for being the most loyal player and one of the founders Vacci-heal - for professional leveling of the guild, being the player with most donated xp to guild Che-Guevara - for being one of my closest friends in the game, being loyal to the guild, actively defending and motivating me to return to the game, and to revive the guild. Xavieless - being one of the first second-in-commands, also providing lots of guild xp About us We are currently 2 years old guild of level 200. Starting as a community based guild we became a guild accepting only levels 200 at a time while having interviews at some point. We are currently taking most players of level 190+ interested in joining. We are currently allianceless (own alliance that is not recruiting) so we can freely hunt whoever we want. The name Jiyuu comes from japanese word meaning freedom. As the name suggests we are not forcing players into anything, as we are level 200 already you do not have to donate any single xp. We are looking for casual players who wanna have fun, we prefer to invite players interested in pvp of any kind (1v1, kolo, perceptor hunts and defense, AvA[going to other people's koths], prism hunts and pvp events) but you are free to join as a pvm player as well. The ranking system is open minded and all up to the leader and second in commands. Who are we looking for? Active players, although we do not require you to be online 10 hours a day English skills at some point, you do not need to be fluent, however english is the main language in chat Level 190+ Players that are independant at some point, this does not mean we will not help, however as most of the guild is endgame, do not expect any leeches at all Players that will behave towards guild members, preferably towards non-guild members as well Loyal players Why should you join us? We are a lvl 200 guild with rich history We do guild hunts such as perc hunts or sometimes PvM (we do not hunt 24 hours a day, so if you do not find a group, do not be surprised) If you are looking for new friends, then Jiyuu is a good choice for you We will not force you into anything, we are trying to be a community based guild, and a fun place to stay in We are currently allianceless, so if you are looking to hit any alliance's perces, we are a good choice for you We have a discord and whatsapp group How can you join? If you are interested in joining, please contact our leader or one of the officers. Staff Leader : Rikoss Seconds in Command : Ginyu, Che-Guevara, Che-Guevara[Rus], Vacci-heal, Reefer-Ancano Recruiting officers: none atm Guild Details: Level 200 Members: 96 Average level: 222 Alliance: Against the World (solo alliance)
  5. Hey ^^ Been almost a year since I have played at all, became bored of the game, girlfriend, another things to do at life and then no time at all. After all these things and cause of friends telling me to play, I have forced myself, and decided to play again. Trying to re-gear myself for the 2109210th time and to have some fun again. In this post I would like to apologize for my behavior in the past years when I played. Including the trash talk to some alliances and as well to some specific players. I hope this time I come back I wont have any need to use rude words at all and to trashtalk anyone. Looking forward to seeing some of you once again :-) Missed this game at some point. You can text me ign Rikoss if you wanna hunt some percs with me or just talk.
  6. taking offers as well but only kamas not items as i have too many e.e /w Rikoss ingame or pm me on imps
  7. [0,-1] Blyat looking for something around these prices willing to negotiate probably contact me on imps or ingame /w Madara
  8. Yo guys got like 400 gb of vids in my video but lazy af to upload it gonna upload it by bit Gonna record: Dofus 1.29 Videos: Tutorials Dungeons PvP Random vids & stuff Dofus 2.0 Videos: PvP (5v5) KoTH Kolo PvM? Tutorials Random vids & stuff Rest: Gonna record other games - anime games? but not that often Channel link : https://www.youtube.com/basedgoku
  9. Goku


    Yo guys, does game work for u? Whenever I pick a char I get disconnected, no matter what account I go on
  10. Yo guys, going to open an exp leeching service for July 600kk/100m xp, depending on current level /w Madara
  11. I got my name back, top update
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