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  1. I was also considering this since I used to enjoy a lot of old school pvp (head hunting and camping Bonta bank) in 1.29. Although, not sure if I have enough interest to start all over again. Thanks. I still have all the old dofuses (excluding vulbis and cloudy) so that would not be a problem. I think I am like 50-60% done with the cloudy questline when I played last time. I did some research and noticed that there really haven't been that many new sets, so I guess I would still be fine rocking treadfast + bearbaric for pvm and treadfast + missiz for pvp (for omni cra). My biggest worry is what support class and build should I use to compliment omni cra for handling most of the content as duo. Thanks for the answer. Kolossium used to be my thing, rocking a mid level trio team (100-150s) team and dominating even occasional 200s that stumbled into mid level range (thanks for the crappy matchmaking ranking system). Back in the good old days I used to run enutrof, masqueraider and ecaflip for kolo and basically one shot people with 3rd turn of rekop. Not sure how viable that would be anymore seeing the changes (nerfs) to the sets, dofuses, trophies and classes. I don't have much experience with fogger or hupper so I might take a look into those.
  2. Greetings! Yet another old fart here. My friend is trying to get me back to the game and I was wondering what is the current state of the game? It's been ages since I last time I played this game after distancing myself more and more from it after each update. After poking around my characters, I discovered that every class has now all types of elemental spells and many classes have been reworked. I also noticed that the servers are merged into one. All these new things are making me thing that maybe it's not worth it, so I would like some help with few questions that I have: Question #1: What would be the current meta for casual play, questing and running dungeons with two characters? I remember rogue/panda being very popular combination back in the days. I have access to a omni/crit dmg cra, int/cha/mp reduction enutrof, int/healer osamoda and class change is also on opinion. Question #2: What would be a ideal set/gear for these characters? I still have all my gear and items from back in the days (mainly Frigost, whale and abyssal items), so I'd have to grind for new fancy sets. Question #3: What is the current state of low to mid level (100 to 150) pvp? I remember having a blast with 1v1 bonta vs brak and 3v3 Kolossium before Ankama ruined both of those, which caused me to finally give up on the game. If yes, what would be a solid all around solo character to casually do kolossium? Thanks~
  3. Superb set! Thanks a lot, but isn't it just better use indigo/Crimson seeyomol than waste kamas on %exos?
  4. Hello, Haven't played for awhile and I am thinking of getting back to the game and upgrading my set(s). My current set: http://dofp.la/7LNpH/. As you can see it is pretty outdated. Class: CraBuild: OmniKamas: Got all the older dofuses excluding vulbis and cloudy. Going to craft the items for the new set(s).Current team: Iop, Enu, Eni, Panda, CraLvl range: 200Extra comments: Both, I prefer something with nice res, high damage and mp reduction.
  5. Speak to Jacol at Ouginak temple, go to Astrub and speak to Kerub, go outside the house and speak to the seagull and then you will eventually move to the new Island.
  6. Why? I don't understand how nobody couldn't see the nerf coming for the most used weapon(s) in-game.
  7. Ethical wand***: The critical hit rate has been increased from 10% to 20%, the critical hit damage has been increased from 4 to 6, also the range has increased from 4 to 5! (I absolutely adore this change!)
  8. Crocodyl chief set (Lvl 70) is bugged. I can't select it from set selection and have to manually search each item.
  9. New items and some of the new shields (too lazy to prntscreen all of them) Items: 1 weapon, 2 sets: Agi/cha/mp reduction and str/int/ap reduction. Recipes: Shields:
  10. https://www.dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/585688-enutrof/3.html
  11. 40 wisdom, Is this a real life or just an fantasy?
  12. No idea what you wrote , but thanks for the input anyways.
  13. Watched 20 min. He didn't talk throughout the whole time but instead, breathe super annoyingly into the mic.
  14. What I have: Agi/int osa with both full int and agi set. Int/cha enu with cha/int set, cha/mp red set and full int healbow set. Omni cra with multiple sets. This combo has very bad synergy but I enjoy playing cra. What would be an ideal replacement (class change) to use with enu and osa? Iop would be the obvious case but I don't enjoy playing iops and so many of my friends already have iop. I was thinking of foggernaut, but how does that work in end-game dungeons / end game content? or should I just drop enu and osa and play solo cra...?
  15. MP bearbaric band 15mk AP moowolf ring 10mk Message me in-game or here on Imps.
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