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  1. Kazani

    S> Tash Ring AP Exo

    contact in game gio-xx or discord kazani#5900
  2. hello, selling ap exo tash ring 22/25 wis 4/5 dmg 7/20 pp 9/10 water res, rest stats are perfect, and on top it has 6 ini exo too price is 18m but u can offer too
  3. Kazani

    Erzal fight [Need help]

    Hello. Looking for players who are on same step as me. I have cra/iop/eni/panda/sram/elio/enu/rogue i can bring with me contact in game Gio-Xx or on Discord ( kazani #5900 )
  4. Hello. I am looking for Totankama's Tablet Fragments to buy. Here is list of what I need: [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 1/5] [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 2/5] x2 [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 3/5] x1 [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 4/5] x1 [Totankama's Tablet Fragment 5/5] x2 Got one extra 1st fragment to swap for others (can add 50kk from my side). Also if you have [Totankama's Tablet] itself, I am buying those also, 2x needed only. Starting price I am paying is 200kk per fragment and 1mk for tablet. Prices are negotiable, post here what you have or in game. P.S.
  5. Kazani

    Official goodbyes

    wish you all best irl :)
  6. Kazani

    Random Screenshots

    dang i have OCD too :D is this rikiki wand bug and is it still in game or fixed already?
  7. Kazani

    Advent Calendar 2014

    Can anyone upload this year's advent calendar gifts such as wallpapers, musics and so on? Could not participate in advent calendar this year and don't wanna miss this kind of stuff. Thanks in advance. :)
  8. Kazani

    Configuration Files

    Hmm, if you don't mind tell me how to do it as well. :)

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