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  1. The bit about summons is not true - The changelog states this as well : "It is no longer possible to cumulate the same Osamodas invocation twice." I even logged on to be sure and this is the case.
  2. With a Limit on 1 of Each unique summon, it looks like Multi-element Osas, or Osas that rotate their summons around is a viable style - which looks extremely cool to me. Also puts a hard cap on Solo builds - Solo any element is +2 summon gear (Or others for utility) It also looks as though Summons have their own stats now (Maybe my stats were too even and I didn't notice the difference) but Vit/Str with plenty of res and dragons means extremely tanky build possible...
  3. This is so exciting, if your characters are male ; )
  4. I've got my fingers crossed for Osa Summon Variants : O!!
  5. That set is pretty good! I'll offer some Spell/ Things I like to do Level 6: White Gob - Black Gob - Fat Tofu - POC - Whip - Animal Link - Sacrificial Fire - Dragonic - Fossil Level 5: High Energy Shot Honorable Mentions: Release - Cawwot - Spiritual Leash ** - Canine - Black Wyrmling - Chafer - Arachnee - Call to Order In my opinion the other spells are useful for their secondary effects - so you should check those out (Canine gives +2 mp at all levels. You might want the (-lock) - The summon-swap-teleport is the same CD/AP at all levels, ect ) Strategies I tend to use: * I really like to be in my opponent's face. I rush in and keep them there. ** Spiritual leash does no give a resist penalty when used to revive one of your own SUMMONS. - On turn one, I like to summon Both Gobbals - Eat one(Usually Black Gob because of CD) and res it immediately. This gives you a pretty big meat shield - And both Gobs can bring your opponents closer. - Your Gobs have CRAZY res too, so they are hard to Nuke. You can use Gobs pull +Gravity +Their bodies to keep a certain enemy away from a team (Like an Iop who's wrath is available) -Be familiar with your Gobs pull range. You can make a maze of gobs that can pull people around in a way that most people aren't prepared for. You can: Position the enemy with Gobs on one side, and you on the other - hit hard with POC x2, Release. And then on gobs turn (Up to 6) pull them halfway across the map. ( And any combination of who's being pulled you can think of) - In a Pinch, The FatTofu + High Energy Shot + Sacrificial Fire is a great 1K AOE Heal (And sometimes You can get a turn of double tofu push because enemies avoid the summon) - Call to Order is really great Defensively- If you have spare AP, always summon - While your Gobs are on cooldown - or a summon gets low on HP - You'll have a large supply of AP Batteries! - Dragonic + 2xPOC is often better than Fossil + 2xPOC because of the heals. - With this set you'd heal about 200 a turn. every bit counts especially when you have `~`60% resistances : ) I, personally, prefer 12 ap for this build - I'd swap out the dodge trophy for a Jackanapes. It is going to bring you down to 5mp (4 in gob form) buuut, I don't mind because of the pulling power + Gravity + (+lock) Also, Whip+whip +POC+POC feels greaaat Hope that helps! If you have any other Questions just ask : )
  6. Binding of Isaac is great if you're into Roguelikes
  7. Okay, So I know that items that mask your current equips are essential for PVP. ( Camo mounts, symbiotic equips, Livi Items ) BUT there are a ton of super great looking items that wont get much use after people rush through the low levels. So I'm suggesting a system- maybe a dungeon, maybe a quest, maybe even an orgine service- that allows you to take an item already in the game, and allows you to turn that appearance into a cosmetic only item. I think it shouldn't work in PVP, but I don't see why it couldn't if it took the form of feeding a livi item 1xxx the item you want so that it could "learn" the appearance. But if it didn't work for pvp, then you could open up aesthetic only items to everyone. It could work the same way equipping a shield in PVE works.
  8. Welcome back! You could also add Ferus to your friends list as well. I'm getting back in and pretty-much restarting myself!
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