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  1. last nights Rushu B fight: And this is how it looked like from Vikin side, party next to the pool, with lot of very usefull help from innactive Modra players with no clue how current xelor/feca/etc works... :-)
  2. Necrobump again! One of my favorite artists Lukasz Sokolowski was in town this week, so i asked him to capture my essence into this... :-)
  3. OK, i'm new in this, what exactly will happen at Incarnam if you'd follow him there? :-)
  4. Multiple items for alts is pretty amazing thing... and it would be even better if NPC would show number of p2p days you have too.
  5. Best way is just pay for custom bike build, its not that expensive then factory made model who'll not exactly fit you anyway...
  6. "Shortly after the release of DOFUS, Moon Island was added. Characters that went there only had one way to come back (there were no Zaaps nor the possibility of leaving by dying): they had to construct a raft by using numerous resources recovered on the island. The number of adventurers trapped on the island grew, and everyone was fighting for the resources to build their rafts! Some players were trapped on the island for more than three weeks! This idea was found to be too restrictive, and we gave the trapped players a way to leave the island more easily." Probably on Jiva? Dont remeber this on Rushu, but guarding rank 8+ people with cheated wings in jail for days was pretty similar fun... :-)
  7. What set gives 190 mp red? :-O Anyway nice work, i saw it done with that exploding modifier, but guess its just too annoying to wait for this one...
  8. I even saw bots with pp pets - guess they are not very afraid of ban... :-(
  9. So, after the Robin Hood episode, i finaly like Capaldi! :-)
  10. So its against ap rape? How much AP per cast was it before?
  11. WHERE IS MY CTHULHU SET??!!! :-( Anyway, what are these 5xresources/scrolls?
  12. Well, looks fixed now. Just 5 minut after account p2p expired, so i need another 1100 ogrines now... :angry:
  13. Well there is thread at official forum with people with exactly the same problem... :-(
  14. So, subsription page is not working in any browser (kinda huge fail from Ankama, i mean, how they want collect some money when this is broken?). It only works when i'm not logged in, otherwise page is just blank. So i was trying different languages, french one gives some error, and all other languages are not working aswell. Except spanish one, which works nice, and even have lower prices for everything! Sadly, because of that, i cant pay for 1 year neither, because cheaper version is "not available in my community". I mean - come on, seriously? :-(
  15. I was logged off in srambad and just checked - map looks still the same, maybe just rumour?
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