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  1. Hello. I wonder which element would be the best to go for solo and team playing? I am old school player so I don't like hybrids. What is your suggestion?
  2. Thank you guys for the welcoming me! I'll write to you. :)
  3. Hello everyone! I was playing Dofus since 2005 but I stopped very quickly. After Zatoishwan was going to be opened I'll decided to play again. I've lvled to 199 and... stopped again. Few days ago I decided to start playing but it's brand new Dofus for me, so many changes and I couldn't find myself now. I decided to change server and start all over again because it's seems to be best choice for me. You know, I'll discover Dofus again as a newbie. :) Anyway. I'm playing on Rushu and my nick is Infernus, so if there is any nice guild or a single player which understand someone like me, I'll be glad to get the message from you to get some advices!
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