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  1. Melancholic

    General Advice & Guidance Thread

    My question is, can guilds sell their haven world to other guilds? If so, do their buildings and decorations stay? Do you really need to be a level 10 guild to own one? And lastly, how much should i expect to spend on a haven world sold to me that way, and how much on a brand new auction? Thanks in advance :)
  2. Melancholic

    WTB water festival costume

    Offering 3mk 3.5mk. Pm Levu, Rivenu, or Srehu. Usually on between 12:30 to 17:00 GMT, and sometimes also 21:30 to around 01:30, again GMT. Bought!
  3. Melancholic

    Anyone still alive?

    It's as lively as it has ever been. I see people recruiting for dungeon runs almost every time i pass by the Almanax zaap.
  4. Melancholic

    Dofus 3.0 in 3D

    I'm surprised that they're even considering doing that to dofus. I always thought that if dofus had even gotten another graphical update, it would be in java and it would look like wakfu does. It would at least look like dofus then. This 3d picture looks nothing like the dofus i know and love. It looks more like a spin-off game based on the dofus story, rather than a graphical update. I always believed that dofus and wakfu would, to some extent, merge at some point. I guess there's no chance of that ever happening now.
  5. Melancholic

    Minus stats

    It won't cancel out damage stats though, right?
  6. Melancholic

    Minus stats

    Thanks :)
  7. Melancholic

    Minus stats

    So the damage can't go lower than the spell's base damage then? I haven't tested that in many, many years :p Just need to be absolutely sure :3
  8. Melancholic

    Minus stats

    According to dofus planner, if you equip an item like "ring of satisfaction" to a character and your total stats are -200, then your damage will be 0. Is that true? As far as i can remember, minus stats had no negative impact on your character before.
  9. I have 180 almanax tokens but, apparently, i need to complete a quest called "the medirian effect" first. Where, what, how? :(
  10. Melancholic

    Digital dofus mag?

    >.< *cringes*
  11. Melancholic

    Digital dofus mag?

    So, it's supposed to appear on the account management page after all? And honestly, i'd rather lose the magazine than go through ankama's support *shudders*. It's akin to torture.
  12. Melancholic

    Digital dofus mag?

    So, apparently i can read only one of the two that i bought, issue #8, on the dofus shop page. However, i can't read issue #5 on it, which i bought from the in-game shop, and i can't download neither. I even got an e-mail that says " Find all your digital magazines in your account management.", but when i click on the link provided, i get a 404 error. This whole situation is quite bizarre. I simply can't figure it out. I would really appreciate it if someone from ankama, or otherwise, could shed some light on this mystery.
  13. Melancholic

    Ironman challenge

    Back in the day, we had the "incarnam" challenge, when you couldn't return to it if you were level 20 or higher. I've seen level 70s there, leveling off skeletons :p
  14. Melancholic

    Dofus "clone"

    Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?~ O_o
  15. Melancholic

    Dofus "clone"

    I thought it looked pretty sweet too, since it looks exactly like dofus, but all it takes to break that illusion is to play it for 2 minutes. The animations are horrible and combat is automated. It's like it runs at 5-10fps and plays itself. It doesn't actually work on steam, and some steam users can't even install it. You need to get to their website and play it on a browser... not that you would want to.

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