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  1. Thank you! ^_^ After a long time of drawing I thought it was time to experiment with making sculptures and dolls.So here's a little wip of how my sculpture is doing. it's drying now, only painting and wig making to go! :D
  2. yay!! yes she is a cra ^_^ I wasn't sure if it was obvious enough so I'm happy to hear XD
  3. thank you!! I'm happy to hear that :D Another baby drawing I just finished, hope you guys can guess wich class this is! :P
  4. hm right now I'm listening to Song Riders - Be but I like also like a lot other different types of music ^_^
  5. Hello! I'm also interested in the job! Though do you have an example of what kind of cartoony style you want? here is a link to my portfolio video and other art posts. ^_^ http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/144741-guinns-work-in-a-nutshell/ Let me know if I could be of any help.
  6. I just had to change my pic in something cute C=

  7. I just had to change my pic in something cute C=

  8. thank you! hahah yes I'm already on that, I just like to draw things from my imagination and not from photo's but it'll do good to study some more! thank you, I'm glad to hear that! even though it's not really blurred that welll... do you have any tips? I visited our deviantart page your art looks amazing!! <3 Here is an Eni baby I made quite quick, hope you guys like it! :D
  9. thank you! :D I've been practising a lot and I love to draw the eyes the most hahah XD thank you! aie more is comming ^.^ I though it would also be fun to post some animated gifs or vids/ projects from school :) thank you! well one drawing dofus related is almost done ^_^
  10. alighties! do you have any screenies I could use? ^.^ w-wuutttt? O.o
  11. well so... my first class was an Eni, I didn't know anything about the game but Frozthax needed an Eni. also because The eni has wings and is a healer... ^^"
  12. awh your doodles, they're so cute! <3
  13. nawh thank you ! ^_^ hmm if you could choose on of your characters, wich should you choose? :D I'll draw that character ^^ though I'm quite busy with school so it could take a while :(
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