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  1. Yeah, it's going to make things SUPER interesting, inb4 teams of 8 cras spam level 200 mobs and have a monopoly on gear...
  2. Ouest

    Mass Gear Sale [-2,-1]

    Bump, modified prices, added archs! Also moved to [0,0]
  3. Ouest

    Mass Gear Sale [-2,-1]

    Moved one map right!
  4. Ouest

    This gets on my tits

    if I were you I would take xel/elio or xel/panda. Sadida doesn't offer much in the way of mobility which imo is the most important thing for tal kasha. You should also 100% take Desynchronisation and Accomplice as that alone is a ridiculous amount of mobility right there. Idk what element(s) you are but if you want I could help with some strategies seeing as I've done the dungeon about 100 times xD
  5. Hiyo, I am selling 8 characters worth of gear at [-2,-1] Way too much stuff to post it all so go take a look :Dlove you all
  6. Ouest

    S> Kolossoken Scrolls

    Chill Sneh wtf?
  7. Ouest

    Transendence Runes

    Usually it's an achievement based on the boss you're fighting, from my experience at least. So if you get Missiz Freeze, in order to buy the rune you would need to have done MF Duo.
  8. Ouest

    Post your goals and achievements

    Xel hit 12k, Elio hit 13k
  9. Ouest

    Transendence Runes

    "Songe de: Jik-Saw" means that isn't Marko so he probably can't tell you. There is an "Ajout de Missiz Freeze" option (which means you can add Missiz Freeze to the fight), so I'm guessing it's endgame bosses, or possibly duo bosses. Also they're level 300 at that point so... yikes.
  10. Ouest

    Bring Sarah (Wink-Wink) home

    This is so sad, RIP
  11. Ouest

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    [!] Reflets are the drops from the rooms in the Infinite Dreams Dungeon thing, you need 150k of them per legendary piece, and you get between 1.5k and 7.5k per room depending on what you fight. Once you are 26 rooms (wins) in, you have the ability to buy the new resources for 2.9m Reflets each according to Ace-Dece's twitter. As for the runes, haven't the foggiest.