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  1. Running Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon and I got 7 enemies instead of 8
  2. I did it on 8, but 2 of them had already been on like 90%, so really it was 6
  3. Waited till literally the last minute to finish Kwismas Island on the team, no regrets!
  4. Tell me classes that don't work together and I'll prove you wrong.
  5. You can make any team comp work, just have to practice their synergy together. If that's what you want, go for it! Screw meta!
  6. Getting Empra on the team is a pain in the pods xD At least I won't need food for a while!
  7. [03:57] INDIAPATINI (Sakaii) is not online. Guild Prophecy, alliance [Grave] This guy said he was selling all of the souls for Eternal Harvest, but he is missing more than half of them, with a lot of duplicates. The reason I accepted the trade is because he put a lot of souls in the trade screen, and there's no search bar to check if he was legit. He was missing most of the arches from step 28 down. I don't really feel scammed because there was a lot of duplicates, and I need them because I'm doing it on more than one character xD. Be careful when trading with this player, he is not an honest one.
  8. I had that last night, but right now I can play 8+ chars smoothly. Shit doesn't make sense.
  9. I had my nostalgia fun, but there's no chance I'm going to play retro. Not hating, it's just not for me! Getting to level 2 was an achievement for me lol.
  10. Thank you for your souls! A small step is still a step closer to finishing!
  11. Hiyo guys! I'm going for [Six out of Six] on my team, so it's time for me to stop procrastinating and get Eternal Harvest done x) I'll be updating this as much as I can, so please use these as a reference when selling souls, so I don't end up with a bunch of duplicates. You can send me a private message here, in game, or on Discord. I'm usually playing on Echo as Ouest (It's an O not a Q), or on Ilyzaelle as West. My discord is Ouest#0093 Normal playing hours are between 16:00 to 08:00 DUT Thank you in advance! I have a decently sized cash stack saved up for this, but at the moment I don't have enough to purchase every soul on this list if someone were to sell me every single one I needed. I expect this to take a while to complete, and I'm confident that I won't come up short with any exchanges. Just to be safe though, if you have a ton of souls to sell, please check first to see if I have enough to satisfy the exchange, otherwise I may have to wait to buy them. The price per soul can be negotiated, but I would prefer if they were not, to make things as easy as possible xD Because there are so many souls to buy, there are a few ways to go about accurately, and quickly buying these: 1. You trade over the souls you want to sell, and I sort through the ones I need. When I'm done, I contact you, return the souls I don't need, and give you however much based on the prices below, or on the agreed upon price per soul. Obviously this requires a great deal of trust, and if you don't know me then I would understand why you wouldn't want to do this. It is however the fastest, and most accurate way to do the exchange. 2. You figure out how much your stash of souls is worth based on the prices below (or the agreed upon price), and you tell me how much it's worth in the trade screen. Because there's a good chance of me being scammed with this one, it's not preferred. I'll still do it, but I'm going to limit the exchange to 1mk each time so that I can confirm you're a trustworthy seller. 3. You dump all your souls on me for a fixed price each, regardless of what's on them (5kk ea most likely, but not going to buy them if you just have a bunch of piwi souls). 4. You decide to help a brother out and dump whatever you have on me for free! (lol) 5. I figure out the prices during the trade screen. WARNING: I'm constantly updating this, so if you want to make a profit off me by buying from the market and then selling to me, there's a chance I don't need those souls anymore! If you find Archmonster in the wild and PM me its position, I will give you kamas equal to half of the soul price listed below. I keep all of my soul stones in my haven bag, so there's no chance of a mix-up, or losing the souls I receive. I don't carry any in my bank, or in my inventory. *Listed below are the souls I'm missing, I'm not buying every soul for EH. Step 20: Price 5kk each Number of souls needed: Arachnekros the Aggressive 2 Arakula the Carpature 4 Gobballyhoo the Noisy none Larvalaska the Cold 3 Piwiki the Witty 1 Krabaoly the Patient 1 Dandel the Boy 2 Tofulsom the Jailer 4 Piwiliam the Brave 2 Famouse the Little-Known none Moskoitus the Interruptor 2 Matmushmush the Flasher none Piwi the Ermine none Piwinston the Churlish none Piwilde the Bossie 4 Arachnangel the Hopeful 2 Tofull the Optimist 5 Tofudd the Hunter none Gobbach the Contrapuntaler none Piwicker the Manly 3 Step 21: Price 10kk each Number of souls needed: Tiwana the Tokin' 5 Jellvis the King 5 Bakeraider the Tomb none Roseanne the Yanker none Glukoko the Slow 3 Gobballad the Romantic none Goblimp the Bis Kit 4 Larvadelaide the Ozie 1 Kokonan the Talker none Koleraspootin the Anesthesialogist 4 Kwoanium the Smart 5 Jelleno the Chinny 2 Bandirty the Messy 2 Larvalencia the Orange 1 Serpico the Honest 6 Bandinamit the Explosive 4 Eskoko the Baron 5 Tiwaldo the Hidden 3 Tiwascal the Wapper none Hunflower the Sinful 5 Step 22: Price 15kk each Number of souls needed: Turtan'ernie the Streetwise none Boarnigen the Damasker none Bulbamoon the Trumpeter none Biblopopo the Organiser 5 Gobbalky the Stubborn none Spimushtache the Hairy none Billbiblop the Great 5 Karnyona the Rider none Pigstol the Sexy 4 Biblokajin the Bald 5 Mushdrill the Piercer 5 Jackellington the Lantewn 5 Pigoblet the Useful none Bibloponey the Entertainer 5 Prestreet the Fighter 3 Miliopold the Bloomer 3 Vamp the Impalest 1 McWhabbit the Diehard none Snowhitisha the Pure 5 Turture the Hooded none Step 23: 20kk each Number of souls needed: Ambushapens the Unlucky none Bambottinit the Quiet none Wabbin the Wich none Snappu the Shopkeep 5 Bulbisonic the Penetrating 3 Blorko the Colourful 1 Bworkoder the Mazter 1 Crowmanion the Primitive 3 Minoskittle the Coloured 1 Eyemi the Narcissist 5 Lupisnockio the Woodwolf none Snappy the Fishfrier none Turtrenalds the Tragic none Milivanilli the Mime none Milikkybum the Informer 5 Zorrose the Messican none Snapp the Dragon 5 Turticorn the Horned none Lord Lacedhat the Vampiric none Snapple the Wise 5 Step 24: 25kk each Number of souls needed: Scarahazad the Storyteller 4 Spimushty the Smelly none Speedmush the Racer none Bworak the Bohemian 4 Jiminicrackler the Conscious none Crackrockisree the Tiger none Gargoyla the Paranoiac 1 Scaramel the Melty 1 Chafaldrag the Charming none Khameleltux the Tolerant none Kitsewey the Blue 5 Salamaa the Henpeck 3 Scarabreef the Short none Spimushuaia the Traveller none Rib the Torn none Wabbitor the Apt 4 Jellyposukshion the Slim none Treekniddio the Needy 3 Scaratheef the Pincher 1 Dragotitis the Painful 5 Step 25: 30kk each Number of souls needed: Boombora the Dangerous 2 Bulbushisu the Makisan 2 Chaferanho the Essential 3 Chafred the Fish none Blopulent the Pretentious none Croccyx the Bummer 4 Pighatchoo the Electrical 6 Blopium the Delirious none Snappster the Sued 6 Crabartanian the Allforone 2 Craborthos the All none Crabaramis the One none Blorchid the Gorgeous none Blopal the Precious none Scaraheath the Hanger 3 Scorbison the Lonely 5 Ratatouille the Stirrer none Treeknidylus 1 Trunkbeard the Gentle none Drakokidoki the Volunteer none Step 26: 35kk each Number of souls needed: Abounteous the Generous 6 Amlullabeye the Dreamer 6 Arachnawar the Killinmachin none Chaferotix the Sixtininth 4 Chafermented the Drinker 3 Codemonic the Mean 6 Smitherz the Licker none Ginsync the Hyperactive 1 Kirevampiro the Wrestler 6 Misskokoko the Channel none Lert Macraken the Used Emo 5 Pygknightlion the Lousy none Arachma the Greek 5 Nebuchadnezzar the Conqueror 2 Niptuk the Plasticynic none Osurcus the Tamer 6 Crabathos the For 4 Suzessman the Enthusiastic none Gwabbit the Wunner 6 Wowalker the Egyptian 2 Step 27: 45kk each Number of souls needed: Ouassingiam the Tyrant 6 Dokterwho the Tardisporter 3 Fung Ku the Master 5 Shamassel the Off 6 Koaldmen the Grumpy 5 Kannimantha the Maneater none Kanniranda the Maniac none Palmpilot the Yuppie 5 Chaferuption the Volcanic 1 Minoknok the Visitor 4 Palmoleaf the Greasy 3 Ouassup the Irritating none Ougineemo the Lost none Pandaltry the Unknown 5 Pandartmoore the Dogged 3 Naypalm the Herbivorous 1 Boarealis the Bright none Cracklerod the Old 5 Crackrodilrock the Helltune none Treektamak the Loud 3 Step 28: 55kk each Number of souls needed: Dragospel the Black 4 Kojaklator the Lollipoper 6 Pandarwin the Naturist 1 Pandan the Desperate none Dragostino the Tiny 2 Rattle the Hummer 5 Dragoolash the Stewed 1 Drakween the Cross Dresser none Dreggershween the Tinpanalley none Dreggonzola the Cheesy 1 Kannemik the Skinny none Kannarrie the Reckless none Kitchy the Scratcher 3 Palmella the Hefty 3 Leopardon the Sorry none Ougathard the Fortunate none Quetnin the Fictional 6 Raul Modrid the Chulo none Dragoskovit the Barefoot 6 Dragaustin the Power 4 Step 29: 75kk each Number of souls needed: Arepotair the Bespectacled 4 Aperobics the Dynamic 5 Barbrosskam the Chief 5 Dreggommomm the Chewer 3 Ghostabrava the Tourist 2 Polterghaisk the Stray 5 Ganon the Dwarf 5 Jackoalak the Ripper none Dreggump the Shrimp 4 Grasnakizanami the Ruler none Supergwass the Free none Hazwonball the Hickler none Ratilla the Hun 5 Crackoalak the Blonde 1 Koaly the Fiddler none Snapoalak the Redhead none Dreggatón the Latino 3 Sparodi the Python none Warazpacho the Cherrilla 5 Dragamemnon the Deadtroyer 2 Step 30: 100kk each Number of souls needed: Dreggoog the Downunder none Dreggooniz the Adventurous 5 Dreggrieg the Pianist none Dreggooliz the Macho 3 Booty the Beast 5 Crokdylann the Rebel 4 Dragangora the Softy none Kaniedoss the Giggling none Kidodo the Extinct none Killua the Assassin none Chukoalak the Norris 4 Mufavabeenz the Cannibal 3 Pandali the Surreal 4 Prikoko the Witless 4 Crackedral the Majestic none Tanukhiraru the Gifted 4 Tanaked the Stalker 6 Tanno the Dominator 6 Tanukhuina the Drawer 5 TanuKiki the Deliveryghost none Step 31: 125kk each Number of souls needed: Warko the Inky none Bulbigroov the Dancer none Pikhoven the Deaf 5 Treekalack the Sad 4 Treekonk the Stunned none Fisheralf the Stewart 2 Dragory the Violent 6 Greetdoff the Gentleman 4 Bambono the Holy none Kitsouie the Green none Popoalak the Mousibrown none Koalarchitect the Balancing Force 5 Koelloggs the Creator 3 Moops the Bubbleboy 6 Oni'orses the Foolish 5 Piralhaka the Intimidator 5 Pocher the Kingponger none Floratio the Investigator none Dregguantico the Trainer 5 Ezothbeitor the Neighbour 6 Step 32: 150kk each Number of souls needed: Barkricrac the Unsteady none Draghouse the Cynical 5 Koaldman the Garish 5 Treekness the Dark 5 Drakoamax the Mad none Floramodovar the Stoned none Draigovsky the SocalledSwan 3 Kitsuey the Red 4 Jackoalak the Moonwalker 5 Ryukualak the Bored 5 Mamankalak the Bibliomaniac none Mopidyk the Mire 6 Mopfeet the Circular 3 Worka the Willful 3 Dragossiper the Nag 5 Sorgyo Quiretox the Chatterbox 6 Dragorse the Wild 6 Koalsen the Similar 5 Calipzoth the Icy 6 Zigzoth the Indecisive 2 Step 33: 200kk each Number of souls needed: Follikoko the Tufted 5 Cheech the Pussycat 3 Koalakropolis the King of the Hill none Leorio the Haunted none Treekstalbal the Psychic 1 Mushketeer the Loyal 5 Mushuliet the Catapulet 5 Romush the Montecchi 5 Edvushmunch the Screamer 4 Nidsally the Mushtang 3 Pandipoopik the Wondrous none Pandumonium the Joker none MoMaho the Modernist none Snailmetalika the Garagician 1 Satonuki the Plastikpaddy 2 Trooligan the Bulldogg none Trumpaynor the Survivor 3 Yokai the Choral none Don Quizothe the Stubborn 4 Zouzoth the Cuddly 6 Step 34: 500kk each Number of souls needed: Miomaho the Siciliano none Roy the Rover none Pandora the Explorer none Pandoracle the Opposing Force 3 Tanuktonik the Doofdoof none Yoksai the Spirited none Miscellaneous Souls: Number of souls needed: Price for each: Pandora 4 100kk Mopy King 3 50kk Hell Mina 6 50kk Sewer Keeper 5 50kk Touchparak 5 50kk Pandora Ghost 6 200kk Tanukouï San Ghost none 200kk Dungeon Keepers from the quest: 6 (Dungeon Level / 4)*1000
  12. Masq still needs Vortex Impert, but damn what a journey this was!
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