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  1. I'm so sorry that happened Horx, if you need help rebuilding hmu
  2. Only about a year behind the goats, but better late than never!
  3. For a second I thought you solod half of them lol Still very impressive!
  4. I just assumed you were lvl 200 solo element is best until lategame because it gets expensive to do it before that
  5. Get yourself a set like gobball, and then upgrade sets every like 20 or so levels. It won't change too much
  6. It's a solid comp. I'd recommend having some chars be at least 2 elements for versatility when you can afford it, but really you can make anything work if you have good game knowledge.
  7. Use AHK and learn to log in in your team's initiative order; that's what everyone else does lol. I think it technically is against the rules, but it's not enforced unless you're using it for something other than just switching through your accounts.
  8. Bump! I'm getting quite close to finishing now, I'm no longer buying in bulk, at this point it's just specific ones lol If you have any of the ones I'm missing PM me in game and we can negotiate!
  9. Running Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon and I got 7 enemies instead of 8
  10. I did it on 8, but 2 of them had already been on like 90%, so really it was 6
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