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  1. Masq still needs Vortex Impert, but damn what a journey this was!
  2. Tbh I would like to play retro just because I miss old osas so damn much, however I absolutely hate grinding. Everyone seems to be fine with running DP 300 times to try to drop a decent turq, but for me, something about that makes me want to shrivel up into a ball and light myself on fire. The reason I enjoy 2.0 so much is mainly because of the achievement system, because it caters to my playstyle as a gamer. I miss 1.29 like crazy. I was just a kid when I started playing it back in 2006. Back then it was a social game for me; I spent the first 2 years dicking around in Incarnam with my brother and irl friends. I was never even brave enough to visit Astrub until I met Palindrome, but that's a whole other story lol. We used to have competitions to see who could get to the highest level by only fighting Chafers (My brother spent 100kk on a Gobball set and reached level 36 on a Sadida so he won xD) and I always lost because I hate grinding... Cannot stress that enough. I would love to play with y'all, but it's just not realistic for me.
  3. Oh my fucking God, you guys don't even understand how immensely stressful this achievement was. Starting at the end of wave 4/beginning of wave 5 EVERY TIME I used any attack with sadida I had to relog THE ENTIRE TEAM. I am not even exaggerating, I logged onto each character more than 6 times. Also, when all of the monsters disappeared, I had to relog 4 of my characters. THANK GOD it wasn't my enu (who goes first) otherwise I woulda lost. I had to summon every living thing I had to stall for long enough to get the others back online x)))) 7/8 chars are 100% on vortex including 200 score!!
  4. Sorry for the double post, but... Happened again, wave 5, 1:43 minutes in. I hit mobs with sadida and 4 out of 5 accounts immediately DC.
  5. Nice! I saw the stream, was pretty cool to watch
  6. This is how I do Vortex Focus xD (pm me if you need lech)
  7. Damn volca, 3 kamas each? Save me some! I'm sure you have a billion of them, but still. Gl getting to floor 1k
  8. Ok, NOW I'm 100% in Ohwymi on Xel, couldn't figure out why "The shadow of the duel" wasn't showing up!
  9. Nice creature mode, crush plz
  10. Can't you only transfer to an account that has the same name?
  11. I am... so bored right now :<
  12. Osa has been so back and forth... I really hope this change is good, I would love to play them again. Can't wait for beta
  13. That's hella unfortunate lol, I'll buy 5mk $.$
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