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  1. Ouest

    Post your goals and achievements

    It's a little disappointing with my colors, but I still love it Edit: Just changed my colors and it's still pure white... Total ripoff! Only thing that changed was the arms, eyes, feet, and ears... wtf Ankama! Give me a black panda!
  2. Ouest

    Random Screenshots

    What about your other accounts? xDDD
  3. Ouest

    Random Screenshots

    Eyyy got 8k total hours
  4. Ouest

    Post your goals and achievements

    This is how me and my GOOD FRIEND PAGONIS dealt with the last few turns of the fight (I went up because of the trapline, and we didn't kill the monsters on turn 10, and Mist).
  5. Ouest

    Post your goals and achievements

    Gz my dude that's impressive! For vortex 200 I'd go Dakid+oafs+minor dynamo, do 2cras panda sram. That's what I did and it only took a few tries to win. Things to look out for: 1) Hystairkal swaps are a big issue because they can get real close real fast. The swap is 8-10 range, and I'm not 100% sure they can use it if they move. Other than that, avoid their 3-7 range linear move and you're golden. 2) Krossflire's Poisoned Art (heals remove it, so use cawwots if you don't wanna take curative arrow) They also have a 1-7 range linear attack, and a 1-5 range diagonal attack so if you're inbetween that, or have an obstacle in the way, they become useless. Contrary to popular belief, batseye doesn't work on them. 3) watch out for Crushmore's Absorbent shield (+1mp per hit). Just push them back with lashing and avoid hitting them, it only lasts 1 turn. Their only ranged attack is 1-3 linear so you can kite them really easy. 4) Ickyrus' generally aren't a problem because all of their stuff is 3 or less range. Don't let them get close and they're super useless lol. 5) Wastrels are the same as Ickys. Just don't let them get close. The biggest thing to watch out for is getting pulled by Dakid. Have Panda and sram abuse that to get close, Karcham/Fear them away, and run back into Mist (which I like better than invis personally in this fight). Have sram create a barrier of repelling traps in a spot that won't attract you if popped, as added protection. You're probably going to need the sram and panda to hit some to get through all of the monsters, so I recommend a full str sram build, and an int/chance or str/chance panda build. It doesn't really matter with the cras because I'm sure you have a good set. Don't let the needle hit you on Vortex turns, but that's super easy to avoid with 4 loot. I would focus killing the monsters in the order that I put it, and if possible don't kill them on turn 10 so you can push Vortex when the time comes. His first turn after all monsters disappear, he remains invulnerable and passes, and his second turn, he passes and becomes vulnerable, so buff up fully/Vulnerability turn 1 and then hit him as much as you can before he becomes active. When he starts doing stuff on his 3rd turn after monsters disappear, he teleports to the needle before he does anything else. He will also teleport to the needle every 3 turns, so watch out for that if you don't kill him in time. Position your characters, after you hit him on his second turn, as far from where the needle will be as you can! Even if it's close to him, you'll be safe. An easy way to do this is to look at where the needle is the moment you get sent back to your starting positions (which happens when all monsters disappear), and add 8. For example: if it's on hour 8, by the time he jumps it will be on hour 4, so go to the top left of the map near hour 10. Being linear to the needle will still hit you on his turn after he becomes vulnerable! By the time he starts fighting back he will most likely have 8 mp (2 from killing monsters on hour 4, and 1 from dymano). So all you have to do at that point is not let him hit you with his spell 'Time Out' which is 1-8 range linear with no LoS. If he tags you and you don't die, which is possible because Oafs are cc dmg idols, you'll be pacifist state. I don't know how much you know about Vortex, sorry if I'm repeating stuff you know!
  6. Ouest

    Multi gaming tips!

    What I would do, if I were you, is all of the beginner questlines (Incarnam, Astrub, Wabbit Island, Moon Island, ETC), and level up by fighting monsters that drop mats for equipment you're going to want to have in the near future. If you don't already, use an AutoHotkey script to switch between accounts to save yourself a lot of time, and play only on the settings that your computer can handle to play all 6 smoothly.
  7. Ouest

    Dungeon Rusher Events

  8. Ouest

    Post your goals and achievements

    Volca... you're nuts! What the hell
  9. Ouest

    How long does Dofus have left?

    If it did work, guild leveling services would be a huge thing, and that's just no fun. There are a lot of shortcuts that people have found over the years, and that Ankama themselves have implemented (like Idols), that have sped up the progression of the game to a ridiculous rate leaving a lot of people with little/nothing to do. Ankama is trying to backpedal a little with the Account Achievement BS, but all that's done is make solo accounters mad. The mentality of people all around the world is the faster the better. People are more willing to pay money to get something instantly than to work for it, and it's not a healthy way to look at something. Take fast-food for example; McDonald's is a crazy popular food source for millions of people. And even though it's been proven time and time again that it is absolutely shit food, and is SO unhealthy, because it's instant, people don't care about that. In my (probably unpopular) opinion, having a lot of items linked to the account would probably make questing way more rewarding. It's not the best idea, but having recently done a bunch of hard questlines on the solo server (cloudy, abyssal, etc), I'm so much happier having those dofus' because I earned them rather than buying them. If Ankama made pets linked to the account, and made it easier to level them, they'd have been a huge success imo. It would have given people a new challenge to obtain/collect them, but the system fell short because A) They made some of the requirements to obtain super difficult (like Skrot, 50 Catseye Die and [The Defibrillator] ????? who's gunna do that) and B) there's already thousands of each pet so working hard to get them just isn't worth it when you can just get them in the Pet Market.
  10. Ouest

    Random Screenshots

    I Am finishing up turq quests on my alts and I'm at the last tactical fight vs Furye. After doing it 3-4 times it starts getting easy and boring, so instead of using the 1shot spell I decided to see how long I could go before I needed to use it (if I did). I got her to 150 hp left and then she ended her turn next to an enhanced suicide bomber and she died.
  11. Ouest

    Dofus 2.x Starter Pack

  12. Ouest

    Dofus 1.29 Starter Pack

    Is there something like this for Dofus 2? Looked through the forums but everything is outdated :<
  13. Ouest

    Post your goals and achievements

    I know I need to stop posting here for a little while cause SPAM, but foreals, Pagonis is amazing; my 3 chars lagged out wave 5 and he soloed cats 200 from full hp, it was nutty