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  1. So if I get even one person from ded Wakfu forums on imps i'll be surprised but might as well give it a shot Blah blah brurs something wakfu join us. It'll be cool and good. Pm one of the people in the list below, but really don't because you'll just happen to try to pm us a minute after we log off and then you'll join some other guild and that will be the end of something that could have been beautiful. Instead, message us on Discord so we can hop on and invite you on-demand. See ya around! Bombegranate The Sadist Tone Lund Sakaƫca ...Or post here on this thread, and I'll add you as soon as I find you online! Hope to meet you soon - have fun!
  2. What do you mean JUST you and me. That's like, 25 characters total.
  3. We're back! And probably better. But emptier, since it's been awhile. Sadist and I are playing actively currently. Hit either of us up on Discord for an invite!
  4. Yet Another New Guy

    I don't play much on my own anymore, but I'm down to hop on and help you out if you're on Remi. Even if you're not, feel free to send me a message here or whatever, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about builds/gear/dungeons/etc. Good luck and have fun in Wakfu.
  5. Who is still playing On Remington

    Hella late response but I don't play too much anymore but I'd be happy to log and help you out with SB and moon dungeons! Hit me up on Discord (Tone#7662) whenever and I'll hop on with my team for that stuff. Or send me a PM here, though don't know if I'll respond as quickly.
  6. What languages do you speak?

    English and Spanish here because of where I live. Just started taking Mandarin classes, definitely been insulted in Chinese on multiple occasions by a friend that speaks it. Also can write/speak a little bit of Norwegian. Languages are pretty cool.
  7. Anyone still alive?

    Haven't played much lately but always willing to hop on to kill stuff or help if anyone needs anything. Get me on Discord.
  8. I'll second the elio suggestion, elio is A+++ fun and useful
  9. General Advice & Guidance Thread

    You can be aggroed by anyone who has their wings up, and is in a guild aligned to the nation they're a part of, OR anyone who's in Riktus. This can happen even if you have your wings down. For what it's worth, while there used to be a time when some people enjoyed running around aggroing everyone on Remington, I haven't heard of that happening in a long time so I don't think you should worry about it. As long as you're not an outlaw to any nation, you can visit them all just fine with your wings down! I'm not sure specifically which symbols you're referring to as there are quite a few, but I'll list the ones I remember off the top of my head. The little green person indicates that they are a member of your group. The white masked fellow with a hat indicates that person is an outlaw to the nation they are currently in. The blue/purple/red/orange/brown emblems indicate which nation a person is from, and will only appear if that person has their wings up. (Bonta/Sufokia/Brakmar/Amakna/Riktus respectively) I feel like I'm forgetting some symbols, so if there's any in particular you were wondering about, tell me which!
  10. Three star profile rating bullshit give me 7/5

  11. Anyone fancy starting together?

    You can join The Brurs if you'd like! We're pretty active, feel free to join our Discord channel and say that you're looking to join, someone will invite you.
  12. Hey! So, I've decided to start streaming as a little side hobby, and to give people a place where they can go to get immediate answers regarding gear/builds/dungeon strats, and any other Wakfu related thing (as long as I'm streaming). Nothing too fancy for now - if anyone comes to view, it'll just be a chill stream of answering questions to the backdrop of some higher level dungeons and a wide range of music. Pop in and say hi, watch some endgame stuff, and most likely get to watch me die at least once, if I'm lucky. If you want to see a specific class in action in a dungeon, feel free to request it and I can probably switch to it! If you've got a wakfu related question, I can probably help you out with it (unless that question is related to a select few classes), including boss first achievements* and the Moon 2 dungeons! This schedule will almost definitely change as I get used to streaming and figure out what times I actually can and can't stream, but here's a tentative one. All times are GMT -4 (so one hour before EST unless you're currently doing daylight savings, in which case it's the same as EST.) Wednesday: 11pm onwards Thursday: 10am-11:30 am (if I wake up), 11pm onwards Friday: 11pm onwards Saturday: Midnight onwards. Sunday - Tuesday: probably none For information on out-of-schedule streams and other things, follow me on twitter! And that's about it. Come on down to twitch.tv/tonelund and take a peek! If you do come in, drop a little message in chat so I know you're there. Cheers!
  13. Quick update. For the next two weeks or so, I won't be able to stream at all the times I have on my schedule. It will be erratic at best, but after finals I should be able to go back to the old stream schedule, and hopefully also expand to afternoon or morning streams to fit more viewer timezones in.
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/tonelund/v/62296798 Genuinely frightened
  15. https://www.twitch.tv/tonelund/v/60745787 New stream highlight. Unfortunately, muted audio due to music so you can't hear me seriously question my decision there...
  16. I'll put my vote in for Remington. If you do decide to hop in to Remington, feel free to bug me for a guild and whatever else. Have fun!
  17. First stream was a ton of fun, thanks for tuning in guys! See you all again later :P
  18. Post your rare drops!

    Kuri doesn't know how to forum. Here it is, fixed.
  19. Wakfu's a rather vast world, with a little something for everyone. Whether it be crafting epic weapons, cooking up foreign delicacies, running for office, slaying vicious creatures or slaying weak adventurers, we've all got things we like doing and things we want to achieve, and with the variety of things Wakfu offers I'd be willing to bet there are quite a few unique goals. What's on your Wakfu bucket list? EDIT: Decided there's no reason why this couldn't be a place for people to share their achievements as well.
  20. Heyo everyone! With the advent of the new system, there are many more options for customizing your characters, which means it can be a lot more difficult to decide what's optimal in a given situation. In the absence of super detailed guides for each class under the new system, I thought it'd be at least a little helpful to have a place where spell decks can be exchanged, compared, and discussed. If you've got a spell deck you've crafted for your class, feel free to post the code here and I'll edit it into the first post, organized by class and with the name of the creator by it. To make things a little smoother, fill in this template to share a code! Class: Spell Deck Code: Build Elements: Notes/Purpose: I've put the decks I've created for my own classes below - hope to see some more here soon. Happy Wakfu-ing! Feca Osamodas Enutrof Sram Xelor Ecaflip Eniripsa Iop Cra Sadida Sacrier Pandawa Rogue Masqueraider Foggernaut Eliotrope Huppermage
  21. Spell Deck Compendium & Discussion

    Omg so much info. Of course Kuri makes the decks that need their own spoiler. Thanks Kuri :P
  22. Guild photo! Damn Rogues always blowing stuff up... Update: We now have a Discord server! If you're interested in joining, feel free to poke us there too! https://discord.me/brurs It's been lovely meeting all the new members this week, would love to meet you too ;P.