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  1. English and Spanish here because of where I live. Just started taking Mandarin classes, definitely been insulted in Chinese on multiple occasions by a friend that speaks it. Also can write/speak a little bit of Norwegian. Languages are pretty cool.
  2. Three star profile rating bullshit give me 7/5

  3. Based on what it says in French I believe Drain Elementaire only deals damage in one of those four elements, and steals in the same element, based on the elementary state the target is in. It then consumes the elementary state. That said, since combinations of elements are mentioned elsewhere in the spells, perhaps it will be possible to place an enemy in two different elemental states and do two elements with Elementary Drain?
  4. Four month rollback. They managed to restore the data of a large chunk of the population depending on their last login date, but those people who hadn't logged for over a month lost anything they did in the past 4 months. The compensation was pretty crazy, in a good way, and a lot of Elbor players actually responded pretty positively to it (based on forums anyways) but that's still insane. 4 months man...
  5. On the Wakfu side of things. a lot of multiaccounters who are already setup and geared out on their multiple accounts are going to continue multi-accounting despite the heroes system - I've heard of some people planning to reduce the amount of accounts they use, but those have been the exceptions, I think. People like me who are already using between 2-3 accounts will probably use the Heroes system to be able to play their team of 3 (or greater if needed with heroes) in combinations that wouldn't have been possible before due to characters being on one account - I'd love to run stuff with my e
  6. Happy to help anyone who hops onto Remington in Wakfu. IGN 'Tone Lund'
  7. Hello profile visitor

  8. Why not both? But since I have to pick one, spicy! Autumn or Spring?
  9. Got Robowl to 3.5k hp twice.... goddamnit

  10. I don't know where Srambad stands in Dofus in terms of progression, but in Wakfu, Srambad is a level 142 dungeon - the cap is currently 170. Srambad IS really easy and quick for a level 150+ team geared up even decently well currently. When the level cap was nearer to the level of the Srambad dungeon, the HC version of it was a supremely difficult challenge that a lot of people couldn't beat. You can probably count how many teams have beaten the HC version of the latest dungeon addition, Xelorium Present, on one hand, at least on Remington (Wakfu's equivalent of Rushu). Basically, I dunno if
  11. Not really. Steam has achievements, and it'll log how many hours you've played. That second one may or may not be a good thing. I guess the only real reason to link your account to steam is if you really want Ogrines and you can't buy them via Ankama's shop, you can do it in-game in the Steam version with steam wallet funds. You could also stream Wakfu directly through Steam if you've opted into the Steam beta. Related though, when that Magmog pack on Steam goes on sale at 50% off (it's happened twice so far) it's an amazing deal. $25 gets you 15k Ogrines and 90 days of booster plus a bunch
  12. As a former Dofus player (well, alright, I still play sometimes), I encourage you to try Wakfu if you're even kinda considering it. I think a lot of you will find something to enjoy in here~ If any of you happen to hop on Remington, I'd be more than glad to help in whatever way. Just whisper Kjola or Tone Lund - my haven bag is your haven bag!
  13. And now kilaa is no longer a part of Revolution.
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