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  1. Loominova

    Spell System Revamp

    I personally don't see a way they could alter this enough in time for me to be content with it. I feel its very limiting for support built classes and also for general utility. It won't effect high level players too awfully but classes such as Feca, Sadida, Panda (and others) will have a fair bit of trouble maintaining their current builds. I'm especially worried about the effect this is going to have on low level players. Will the lack of skills as you level up keep combat fresh and exciting? Leveling from scratch as a brand new player in Wakfu is difficult enough but will it continue to be interesting enough to push through the hard spots? I'm just not sure anymore. I do like the idea of being able to swap your spells on the fly. I like the idea of having more passives and actives. I don't like the harsh limitations it comes with. Won't somebody think of the lowbies?
  2. Loominova

    Post your rare drops!

    Excuse me while I weep quietly.
  3. Loominova

    Your Wakfu Bucket List & Personal Achievements

    I'm almost there! The only frag related ones left are Bygone, Souleater and Flax :')
  4. Loominova

    Post your rare drops!

    I am so impressed oh my god. Congrats!!
  5. Loominova

    Community Manager - Sabi

    Welcome to the fun Sabi ^_^
  6. Loominova

    Making a Feca, totally confused!

    Sounds great to me! You rock that build friend ;) I'd be really interested to hear how Meteorite goes for you, its honestly something I've never considered (I'm a little snobby when it comes to damage per AP haha). I stumbled upon it by accident myself! Its really helpful in spontaneous PvP. My bubble atm has 10 range so I can stay out of the way of most things provided its a nice map :P
  7. Loominova

    Making a Feca, totally confused!

    Great build idea. If you're really digging glyphs and want to go a bit of Support then I would suggest the following set-up: Bubble/Crashing Wave, Flaming/Fecastopheles, Fecastaff/Fecahammer. While it isn't the best Support build, it does take use of glyphs (with an ideal 12AP build). Place two flaming glyphs and move them with bubble, which also damages and has a huge range. Perfect for kiting, PvP or hitting stuff in the back (bubble is no-line-of-sight). The benefit of Flaming Glyph over Pheles is that Flaming benefits from Single-Target (which should be your number 1 secondary stat as a feca, no questions asked) wheres Pheles is AoE. At 12AP you can also spit out 2 Flamings and move them. However you can still use Pheles in this build set up but I would recommend not building around Pheles Glyph. Crashing Wave offers you the ability to shield your allies or barrier your foes. Fecastopheles is just a big punch in the face. Fecastaff for AP and damage, Fecahammer for damage, shield building and -MP glyphs. If you find this a little less supporty than desired, subbing out Fecahammer for Orb Armour might be good. You could even replace Fechammer with Fecabow if you don't feel a need for -MP glyphs and want a lower cost spell to fill your turn rotation. The shield building on Fecabow is still great too. This build idea heavily relies on 12AP and 4 control (minimum), so if you're only at a level bracket where you can achieve 10AP then Orionelle's build is better, it just doesn't use glyphs for damage ^_^ Hope its some more food for thought.
  8. Loominova

    x2 EXP! Happy New Years! (Expired)

    We did not.
  9. Loominova

    Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    I'd love to hear your theories if you have time :)
  10. Loominova

    Post your rare drops!

    First room of Xelorium Dungeon, Withered Breastplate:
  11. Loominova

    Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    My guts aren't super impressive. At current I'm a fire/earth damage dealer. I focus on single-target since all my spells are single target and flaming glyph benefits from it too. The only issue with my gear is a lack of Arcus Shushu, runes (I'm not even half runed, pls donate) and my emblem is water >_> I try!
  12. Loominova

    Your Wakfu Bucket List & Personal Achievements

    Oh gosh. I have a bad habit of collecting things for no reason at all. One day, in the very distant future, I will collect all the books/texts, all the plushies and all the relics. One day I tells you! *shakes fist*
  13. Loominova

    Community Manager - Renommus

    I see you :ph34r:
  14. Loominova

    Introduce your Wakfu self!

    Hi guys! I'm Nova from Phaeris, and also Tashlol from INT. I'm pretty excited to see a place for all servers to create a community together, and I'm hoping to help play a hand in that as best I can. I play on both Phaeris and Remington at the moment, so if you need a hand with anything feel free to let me know and I'll try my hardest for you. I currently main a Feca and know them pretty much backwards, but I'm still learning Sram so I might not be much help there (but I can try!). Hope to see a fair few familiar faces, and hopefully some new ones too, coming together here :3