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  1. Horxy


    It's a bad idea to try to announce opening 6h before it's happening. I'm subbed on alts until Thursday. Maybe Monday 9PM dofus time? @Veldin and @bulgari are you able to help?
  2. Horxy


    Hey Bee, I'll bring my 6
  3. Horxy

    Kwismas Spirit

    Hey, I'll sub my team and bring 6 chars.
  4. Horxy

    Alignement rank 5 quest

    Hello, me and my friend Zirgoflex need help with a level 5 alignement quest: Apocalypse Hero. We're both Heart orders (I'm brakmar, hes bonta), so we miss 2 people with other orders. Post here or PM me in game if you know someone who can help us.
  5. Horxy

    Lock transfer

    I get mad every time I have to transfer items from my alts. I never want to transfer idols, potions, exploration equipment, etc. Can't we just lock few items to always stay in the inventory? Then we could "transfer all visible items" easy. It would work on right click -> lock/unlock transfer. The item would be marked somehow it's locked. I've put a L letter there as an example. What do you think?
  6. Horxy

    Lock transfer

    Meanwhile in the Ankama office:
  7. Horxy

    Lock transfer

    Initial feedback:
  8. Hey, I need help with this one also. PM me if you know who can help me with it.
  9. Horxy

    Darkness Is Upon Us

    Ebony stats: source: https://twitter.com/DOFUS_EN Ebony Dofus effect 1/2: At the start of each turn, the caster will automatically gain a charge. A second charge can be gained by inflicting melee damage, once per turn, as well as a third charge by inflicting ranged damage, also once per turn. Ebony Dofus effect 2/2: Once five charges have been accumulated, the caster's next attack will apply a beginning-of-turn poison on the target, in the element of the attack, for 3 turns. All charges will disappear. Each charge grants a 2% final damage bonus to the caster.
  10. Horxy

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Hello, this is the set I use on my enu http://dofp.la/KFJPt/ you can also overmage 3mp red per item
  11. Horxy

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Hello, this is what I use on my main cra. I don't do PvP and it'll take time to get dofuses. I've made it long time ago so it might be a bit old, but I'm happy with it. http://dofp.la/Sq5wp/ Cloudly + Snailmate pet for offensive option. Ivory + armoured dt / karmeleon for deffensive.
  12. Price: 7.8mk for Crimson 5.5mk for Turquise I can trade both + 2mk for Ice
  13. Done with the help of Sicilian-Dragon
  14. Hey, I'm back to the game, trying to catch up 2017. Need help with Qu'Tan mini dungeon. Anyone else stuck here? I've made 7 Temple of Doom keys, so anyone can help. Need full team to beat it, got myself. Thanks
  15. bump, emm same as above - back to the game and still struggling with this quest. Now trying to catch up 2017 and 2018 lol.
  16. Horxy

    Hello there

    Everybody was online yesterday. Well almost. Tom was on. Mono was, 2 days ago. Guild is alive again!
  17. Horxy

    Hello there

    Hi, I'm back after circa 1.5 year break. I hope some friends from Rosal are still there. Peter
  18. I've won this fight 5 times in row, so you should be fine if you read and follow this tutorial. I don't know how Amos died 1000 times on this, and why @Monology says it's harder than random Bolgrot. About fight It looks like tower defence game or Plants Vs Zombies. You have to protect globes for 35 turns. Then you can cast a spell that ends fight. You lose if all your globes die. You can't summon turrets if corresponding protector dies. Spells Cyanoph and Wruckus hit around them linear in all directions + Our main damage. Hits 6 when it's summoned, 8 dmg on 2nd turn and 10 till end of fight. The most important summon in fight. It adds 1AP. I ended each fight with around 12-14AP. I recommend summoning it when you can, until you have at least 10AP. Block. Cannot be dodged. Useful to manipulate enemy movement. Explodes when enemy hits it. Deals 10 damage around (it says 9 but I believe it was 10). Hits very low, -1mp might seem useful, but I only had a few of them. Just put it if other turrets are on cooldown. It buffs turret for 2 turns, then the turret dies. I used it mostly on Verdekelp (block - buffs it's hp to 200) and Norie (explosive - buff dmg to 30). As soon as you get 6 or 7AP you can start using this on enemies. It deals 30 dmg, power debuff doesn't really matter. Reduces cooldown on everything. Useful when you get over 10AP. Kills Furye. I never used it. Get AP from Kelp. Enemies and tips Crow - it pushes back summon by 1 cell when it hits. Gobball - hits line of 2 cells, the target and 1 behind it. Prespic - kills one summon. Make sure it is explosive one, because it dies anyway when it gets hit. It's good if you could buff it (so will deal 30 dmg around). Also use dmg spell on Prespic (Weaken). Chafer - got 200 hp. Deals 40 dmg around 2 cells + itself. You need to tank him with blocks for 5 turns and he will kill himself. Furye - enters to fight after 30 turns. Can kill 2 summons per turn. You need to survive 5 turns. First 4-6 turns They are always the same, only spawning spots for enemies will be different. Put Cyanoph in line with Crow. Keep 1 cell distance between him and globes. Put Kelp behind it. Summon block. You can manipulate enemy line because he always go in front of block if he can reach it. If he is too far, just try him to move 2-3 cells to right instead of down. Summon next Cyanoph. I'm focusing on these 2 lines and I will use blocks to navigate enemies here. Another block. Gobbal moves only 1 cell because it will get locked. Crow moves in front of summon to hit it - because gob blocked other way. Both of them moved only 1 cell closer to you and are lined up with turrets. Kelp now. You got 6AP now. After 7 you can start using Weaken (dmg spell). I'd focus on these summons until Prespic comes. Then do also explosive summon. Bonus Blocked Prespic with other enemies and it will skip turn :^)