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  1. Guild is pretty active. We still have some slots left.
  2. Hello, guild Bonfire is recruiting solo/duo players that enjoy playing with others. Currently we have 32 active members, with average member level 61. Everybody is welcomed. We also have a guild Discord channel. To get invited pm in game anyone from guild, for example: Horxy True Extraterrestial-Lea Old-Guru
  3. Thanks Krindle but we've already started moving to a new guild yesterday. I'll delete Team Solo in a week or drop an alt there to lock name so nobody can use it.
  4. We gotta regroup and move on. Team Solo guild is dead.
  5. Main can be set as scammer if 1.29 has any scammer registry. I don't know what will happen to guild now.
  6. I used this when I was playing had F1-F7 for chars and F8 for Chrome
  7. Nobody hit / poisoned / etc.
  8. Despite all the efforts leader is making to stop us leveling we still grow stronk
  9. [commercial break] Join Algathe today and be a part of one of the most stupid active guild ever! [commercial break finished]
  10. If you want a true 1.29 experience you should join our guild. I found a joy of playing Dofus again. The joy I've lost 10 years ago. Anything can happen if 8 people are running dung, but it's fun. And our guild chat is one of the best around. Stupid af. I highly recommend this guild.
  11. When you lied in resume you're gonna rape mp, but its 42 lvl spell.
  12. Hey, Jod said hes on Algathe so I'm there also. Horxy.
  13. Hey, will it be a real old INT/EN server like Rosal/Shika/Solar or like new 1.29 spammed by French pepople?
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