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  1. Hey, I don't remember this quest, but I've finished it so I guess I could help with my main.
  2. Hello, is the second quest called "Firestones"? I'm probably at the same step (Talk to Claude McSee and fight the Charred Ones) What is the name of last quest? Regards, Horxy
  3. Hey, so they are opening Temporis in 1 hour. I'll be happy to join a party, so PM me in game - Horxy. In the meanwhile I'm attaching FAQ from one of mods.
  4. Horxy


    It's a bad idea to try to announce opening 6h before it's happening. I'm subbed on alts until Thursday. Maybe Monday 9PM dofus time? @Veldin and @bulgari are you able to help?
  5. Horxy


    Hey Bee, I'll bring my 6
  6. Hey, I'll sub my team and bring 6 chars.
  7. Meanwhile in the Ankama office:
  8. I get mad every time I have to transfer items from my alts. I never want to transfer idols, potions, exploration equipment, etc. Can't we just lock few items to always stay in the inventory? Then we could "transfer all visible items" easy. It would work on right click -> lock/unlock transfer. The item would be marked somehow it's locked. I've put a L letter there as an example. What do you think?
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