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  1. Horxy

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Hello, this is what I use on my main cra. I don't do PvP and it'll take time to get dofuses. I've made it long time ago so it might be a bit old, but I'm happy with it. http://dofp.la/Sq5wp/ Cloudly + Snailmate pet for offensive option. Ivory + armoured dt / karmeleon for deffensive.
  2. Price: 7.8mk for Crimson 5.5mk for Turquise I can trade both + 2mk for Ice
  3. Done with the help of Sicilian-Dragon
  4. bump, emm same as above - back to the game and still struggling with this quest. Now trying to catch up 2017 and 2018 lol.
  5. Horxy

    Hello there

    Everybody was online yesterday. Well almost. Tom was on. Mono was, 2 days ago. Guild is alive again!
  6. Horxy

    Hello there

    Hi, I'm back after circa 1.5 year break. I hope some friends from Rosal are still there. Peter
  7. Hey, I'm back to the game, trying to catch up 2017. Need help with Qu'Tan mini dungeon. Anyone else stuck here? I've made 7 Temple of Doom keys, so anyone can help. Need full team to beat it, got myself. Thanks
  8. Horxy

    Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    Hi. My cra doesn't have a spell called "Stinging Arrow" pls fix
  9. Horxy

    Post your goals and achievements

    When all you gotta do to unlock new achiev is to log on.., ... but the emote is nice.
  10. Horxy

    Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    Well, there always be updates, that will change the gameplay - otherwise the game would die long time ago. As long as game evolves - there will be people who like the direction where it goes, and people who doesn't. I remember all the hate with 2.0 release. I love to play Dofus, but I'd want to play it e.g. 1-2 hours per day. That's why I didn't even try dimensions with my own team. I can come back to iop/enu/eni/panda team now. I don't like elio, but it felt I need him to keep ratio try-to-win legit. I am sorry if I suck, but I love this game and I don't want to die 50 times in row to win (and keep all moves the same in each fight). I don't really play other games. Make endgame available for lvl 200 characters, but also do some stuff for hardcore players. Don't forget they introduced shields, because of some new hardcore content, that will be released in the end of year. Lvl 220 dungs? New tier of challanges? (idols made silver Vulkania ornament, still waiting for gold).
  11. Horxy

    Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    For personal satisfaction, Colo.
  12. Horxy

    Dofus 2.42 Changelog

    Simplifying dungeons is a good change. Every dungeon should be possible to beat with any class combination, like it probably was in 1.29. But I liked that feel, when we became a 2nd team (with Mono) to beat Tal Kasha on Rosal - Bee was few hours faster :( To keep game satisfying for both sides I'd go this way: - new endgame stuff should have a 3 month period of op af version - after 3 months it will go to casual mode. It can keep challenging mode and maybe regulate prices on new gear.