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  1. For everyone going for 100% achievs in breeding adding more info about mount tiredness could be helpful (at least for me it would be). This is the only parameter we don't have any influence on, we have to wait until it goes down over time. Adding sorting in stable would help a lot, also signaling 100% tiredness (240/240) with another color at certificate info would be quality of life change for manual/fast breeding.
  2. yes, I'm probably never gonna help anyone I don't know from now
  3. I can't believe I'm so fucking stupid I've got phished in the middle of this fight by this guy long story short: he's asking to buy Temporis Scrolls I said idk what's that cause was away 1.5 year and I'm like - ok, maybe I can help, I don't need temporis stuff and trying to get back to game and needs kamas to sub alts he said to google "dofus temporis scroll" which gave me this I wasn't paying attention cause was in the middle of fight and didn't want to die. It's so obvious scam. Then you'll see login screen like in Ankama and ask to insert security code to add browser to trusted. He needs it to deactivate your shield. Before I've realised that I'm being scammed that took like 15 secs he was able to took all my gear and Dofus eggs. I'm gonna write to Ankama but they probably won't rollback my char and his char.
  4. Due to lockdown I've decided to come back. Hit 16k, aiming at 18 now. Thanks for your support
  5. thanks pro tip: die 10 times on 200 score first, then other achievs will be easy update: yeah, first try Focus + first try Statue -
  6. Hello, I'm back! Tal Kasha 200 ripperoni im pepperoni
  7. Guild is pretty active. We still have some slots left.
  8. Hello, guild Bonfire is recruiting solo/duo players that enjoy playing with others. Currently we have 32 active members, with average member level 61. Everybody is welcomed. We also have a guild Discord channel. To get invited pm in game anyone from guild, for example: Horxy True Extraterrestial-Lea Old-Guru
  9. Thanks Krindle but we've already started moving to a new guild yesterday. I'll delete Team Solo in a week or drop an alt there to lock name so nobody can use it.
  10. We gotta regroup and move on. Team Solo guild is dead.
  11. Main can be set as scammer if 1.29 has any scammer registry. I don't know what will happen to guild now.
  12. I used this when I was playing had F1-F7 for chars and F8 for Chrome
  13. Nobody hit / poisoned / etc.
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