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  1. get your dragoturky/seemyol from level 1 to 100 in a few hours or the next day it depends on my free time, prices are 5 kk per level for dragoturky 8kk perlevel for seemyol pm me in game/w ocko
  2. Idk rly where do u see 90% off price first check some things than write something pls :) price is for one key... thats mean if u give me one dreggon sanctuary key i give u 20kk and if u give me dreggon sanctuary key with dreggon dungeon key i give u 40kk etc etc...
  3. As she said i want to buy both keys for dreggon dung (sanctuary and dung) 20kk each or buying mats for keys (named stones and shells) 5kk each For hesperus keys ill pay 2,5kk each contact me in game /w Ocko or msg me here thx :)
  4. Sold Can be closed thanks
  5. DP souls 160kk ea/4loot
  6. im selling an Ochre Dofus and want to get 83mk for it contact me in game /w Ocko or buy it from merchant around village when ill be offline
  7. got them all thx
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