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  1. [Eratz] Harmony - Recruitment Thread

    Bump. Hope everyone's enjoying their time on the server!
  2. 1.29 Eratz

    A large majority of us. xD It's hard to keep away from 1.29. Az is taking a break from 1.29, but will be checking up on us (as she promised!)
  3. [Eratz] Harmony - Recruitment Thread

    Finally done with finals! Heading back on to Eratz to enjoy my summer <3
  4. [Eratz] Harmony - Recruitment Thread

    Well I think it's going pretty well -- as planned, so far.
  5. [Eratz] Harmony - Recruitment Thread

    Yup. I already have 'em appointed. Great first day of recruiting.
  6. [Eratz] Harmony - Recruitment Thread

    Well, the main reason I left the previous two guilds I was in was due to the leader being inactive and not appointing others. I know how annoying it feels to just be left in the dust, so I won't make the mistake of not appointing someone. It's not that hard to login and say a hello here or there or check out Imps on a daily basis. :P
  7. [Eratz] Harmony - Recruitment Thread

    Sorry to hear that Glyc! I think you're better off not leveling the guild up for anyone. However in Harmony, if I ever do take a hiatus, I'm going to pass leader to someone.
  8. [Eratz] Harmony - Recruitment Thread

    Yup, people are migrating over this way <3 Come back Zashee!!
  9. [Eratz] Harmony - Recruitment Thread

    Harmony is welcoming all members to the guild. In my past experiences with other guilds, the leaders have left on a hiatus without appointing someone else in charge or as leader. I'll make sure to keep this guild up and running. :)
  10. [Eratz] Harmony - Recruitment Thread

    Update: Guild just leveled up to level 9!
  11. Welcome to Harmony's recruitment thread. Harmony was created on May 8th, 2016. The purpose of this guild is to encourage friendship and cooperation among the English-speaking members that are roaming around the World of Twelve on Eratz. Harmony is founded by leader, Reprimanded, and co-leader and Second in Command, Squad. Current level: 13 Total members: 27 What does Harmony offer? - Amiable, courteous, and respectful members - Active playerbase and expansion of English community - Guild hunts, including dungeon runs and souls - Newbie packs (for new players on the Eratz server) What does Harmony require from their members? - Activity (plan on logging on several times a week) - Kindness and respect for other members - Thrill-seeking attitude for guild adventures - Ability to speak English - We ask that 1% of your xp is contributed as guild xp. This allows our guild to continue developing and expanding character slots. Guild Ranks and Rights (from lowest to highest): - On Trial (given to newbies to the server/guild) - Dogsbody (given to alts only) - Apprentice (given to players who have been situated in the guild and recognized by leader/SiCs) - Scout (given to players as a general rank who have entered the guild and been in the guild for quite some time) - Guard (given to players as a general rank who have demonstrated cooperation and contributions to the guild) - Protector (given to mentors and helpful players who are dedicated to aiding new players) - Treasurer (given to highly experienced players who have been on server for quite a while and are able to answer questions regarding the server) Special Ranks: - Craftsman (given to members who have demonstrated extensive profession use) - Second in Command (given to fully trusted members -- current SiCs: Graceful/Glyceride) *other ranks may be used for special purposes* Everyone has the right to manage their own %xp contribution to the guild. All players ranked Scout or higher have the ability to place a perceptor and collect from it. All players ranked Guard or higher have the ability to use/manage paddocks and invite new players to the guild. Players holding a special rank have their own unique sets of rights. I'm excited to see the growing of the English-speaking community on this server and that is my main intention of creating Harmony. After being in guilds with leaders that just magically disappeared, I'm confident that Harmony will be successful. If you would like an invite, please message Reprimanded, Graceful, or Glyceride in game.
  12. Does this work for souls in arena?
  13. 1.29 Eratz

    Anyone still play here? :o
  14. [Eratz]Deity

    I found out how to access the server. Is it possible to p2p with ogrines?
  15. [Eratz]Deity

    I can't access the server...