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  1. Doctor-Mundo

    Are you returning or leaving? Check this out.

    1.0 was full of bugs lol even more so than 1.29
  2. Doctor-Mundo

    Under The Edge

    can you post a new discord link plox x)
  3. Doctor-Mundo

    Under The Edge

    you guys still playing here?
  4. Doctor-Mundo

    bird of time

    hey can anyone here help my friend with bird of time he doesnt have a imps account so ik asking for him. he has ivory and 50%resis. to help with this quest u need to alteast be at the step of killing bird of time. or completed the quest. we are online around 18:00 ingame time 6pm pm doctor-mundo or post here. thanks in advance
  5. Doctor-Mundo

    New team setup

    thanks so thing havent changed much
  6. Doctor-Mundo

    New team setup

    lol fuck that
  7. Doctor-Mundo

    New team setup

    Hey im back from mono account server to make a team of 5/6 chars. i have no clue whats a good team comb atm i have acces to all level 200 classes the only thing i want in my team is my main cra. pleas leave suggestions
  8. Doctor-Mundo

    Back from mono server lf guild

    Hey me and 2 friend are transfering over back to echo from the mono server and we are looking for a guild! we are level 200 and active. we are all from holland playing in central europe time . my ing is doctor-mundo pm me for more info or leave it here thanks!
  9. Doctor-Mundo

    Idol Score

    im on the mono server so for solo play i play with another cra most of the time i used to tool but cant seem to find a good one for 50+ dungeons
  10. Doctor-Mundo

    Idol Score

    Hello, im an omni cra level around 170 and want to have a good idol score combo to farm/and do dungeon but cant seem to get any good combo's for 200 score any suggestions? thanks
  11. Doctor-Mundo

    Shadow server

    yeah i like the challenge ive been playing for over 10 years it gets boring
  12. Doctor-Mundo

    Shadow server

    Around 80-100 leveling pretty fast
  13. Doctor-Mundo

    Shadow server

    For what?
  14. Doctor-Mundo

    Shadow server

  15. Doctor-Mundo

    Shadow server

    Hey Since i cant find a server forum for shadow im posting this here. I was wondering is there are any english players on the epic server shadow. I have been playing there for about a week with a couple of friends and we made a guild and found some english members who quit after a day or 2 If you are on the shadow server and wanna join our guild you can post your name bellow and ill add you. Sorry fir posting this here if there is a shadow forum move it pleas. EDIT: feel free to add me on discord Erik#9575