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  1. If anyone wants to join pm me in game IGN : Erik
  2. If you use to have multiple accounts then you are on echo. Im pretty sure you cant transfer to the single account servers or the retro servers so both options would require you to start from zero again. Personnaly I woudnt mind starting over again since trying to fiqure out all the new systems can be alot to deal with at first.
  3. I reccomend taking a look at the retro servers (version 1.29).im playing on crail and its a realy good experience.
  4. what server do you guys plan on playing im at temporis 5 with a coupl3 of friends. will join ur discord when i get home
  5. what kind of autism is this
  6. can you post a new discord link plox x)
  7. hey can anyone here help my friend with bird of time he doesnt have a imps account so ik asking for him. he has ivory and 50%resis. to help with this quest u need to alteast be at the step of killing bird of time. or completed the quest. we are online around 18:00 ingame time 6pm pm doctor-mundo or post here. thanks in advance
  8. thanks so thing havent changed much
  9. Hey im back from mono account server to make a team of 5/6 chars. i have no clue whats a good team comb atm i have acces to all level 200 classes the only thing i want in my team is my main cra. pleas leave suggestions
  10. Hey me and 2 friend are transfering over back to echo from the mono server and we are looking for a guild! we are level 200 and active. we are all from holland playing in central europe time . my ing is doctor-mundo pm me for more info or leave it here thanks!
  11. im on the mono server so for solo play i play with another cra most of the time i used to tool but cant seem to find a good one for 50+ dungeons
  12. Hello, im an omni cra level around 170 and want to have a good idol score combo to farm/and do dungeon but cant seem to get any good combo's for 200 score any suggestions? thanks
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