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  1. White Dawn The last stand of non-french players Who we are and why would You like to join us? We are friendly, helpful and brave guild that fight for our internation rights. Lets join our guild and fight hand to hand with us! If You are... ... Someone who is bored of this french lenguage and You like to spend time with strange ingame friends then You are welcome. ... Interested then just message one of our mates ingame. Staff Leader - Moonshard Sic - Xoop Sic - Twoj-Stary-Pijany Recruiter - Syberyjskimurzyn And me idk why im only guard like others - Lds-Melody We are waiting for You! See Ya ingame
  2. Class: ElioBuild: AGIKamas/time available: 10mkCurrent team: soloLvl range: 175Extra comments: want to wear cyclone belt that increases range of ridicule by 3PvP or PvM oriented PVM generally. And 1 more think i want to know. What idol set should i use to hunt?
  3. Hello Class: IOP Build: Str/Int Kamas/time available: kamas like 10mk Current team: solo Lvl range: 165 Extra comments: i want 12/6 iop, got ochre dofus, crimson and emerald, want high resist and have some exo ap shields i want him pvp and pvm. thanks :)
  4. Hello. Wanted to make 1v1 Agi class on lvl 60-100 with 20 Mk budget but dont know what class gonna be good
  5. wanna make 3 acc oto mustam team but dont know what should i make waiting for request :) pvm team ofc
  6. Class: Eca Build: str atm Lvl: 200 Cash: 100mk want to do some kolossium maybe 1v1 pvp
  7. ok thanks :D any idea how to get cash for this masq?
  8. iv got 186 cra int/wis and i want to leech my masq full wis 65 lvl (rushu) thanks in advice
  9. Class: xelor LVL: 175 Build: Wis/Chance Goal: looking for good kolosium/pvm set for max 10mk rushu
  10. can any 1 tell me what build should i use on feca?
  11. Hello. I wanted to play dofus again and i want to play solo masq. i got turq dof on shika and can scroll full wis and 2 more stats and buy some eq to about 130 lvl. i got the same items on rushu but no turq dofus. and here is my question is it good char to play kolossium? is it good char to exp solo? should i play shika or rushu? what build should i use? what gear should i use and where should i exp cuz i wasnt playing dofus since 2009 ;p (i can leech this char on shika with 18x cra) thanks in advice, Sebastian.
  12. im chaning server and i want to make masq i wanted to choose str/agi build or str/chance build or pure str build (got 18ch turq dof) can get scroll of wis and 2 characteristics and there is my question. what build should i make and what lvl should i get to pvp at kolossium (my cousin and brother will change serv too and they will play propably eca and foggernaut) and what eq should i make on this pvp lvl? thanks in advice
  13. What I Have acc 1: sac chance acc 2: eni heal acc 3: feca int acc 4:cra int What I Want Number of New Accts:1 Goal: its heroic sercer team and i want to do dungeons like jelly dun with this team with no problems on lvls about 80
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