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  1. [BUYING] AP Nomarrow ring

    How about you buy an ap moo ring and go for 16/7 setup :D
  2. Under The Edge

    The guild is still around, but most players aren't playing anymore, due to lack of time. Theres always Void you can join on henual.
  3. Eagles <3

    I'd say goodbye but I hope we'll keep chatting from time to time. You've been one of my idols from the start and the better I got to know you the bigger my respect for you got. I wish you the best of luck with your very busy life, and wife. And I'll see you around mate, take care :)
  4. Random Screenshots

    prospecting also counts
  5. Ankama homophobic and shameful

    ankama is the most extreme and dangerous religion
  6. Ankama homophobic and shameful

    Goku: Oh so you are *** thats nice, I don't have many ********** friends :)
  7. Maybe you don't know but 1.29 isn't all about crybaby drama, leave us alone. Thanks
  8. It's possible in perc fights, but not in prism fights
  9. Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Is pretty old, but good enough to change the subject. ps. Imps is made for people to help each other show stuff other people like etc, not to act like kids trying to be the best and spread bullshit. Peace out.
  10. Just wanna say you guys are doing a great job and that link to Dofusgo is a real nice addition here (I don't know if it's been there for long) it's nice to see you guys working together for the international community :)
  11. Dofus veteran thinking about coming back

    You can always play on the 1.29 servers if you like starting from scratch, the english community isn't huge, but some people (including me and Youb) just like it for the game and the few people There are many options really, welcome back to the game :) PS. Youbutsu was leader from Blank
  12. Dofus 2.41

    I think it's more Vegan Land than noahs arc