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    This lame game, I think it's called Dufus?

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    Mafixaa, Jumpermina, Jumpermino, Hot-Bob

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  1. Jumpermina

    Under The Edge

  2. Jumpermina


    It took me longer than 7.123 snekonds to read
  3. Jumpermina

    Under The Edge

  4. Everything is 'only a ...' it's the people that make it into something important.
  5. Jumpermina

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    That moment when you're so rich you don't include the first 5 numbers in math, nice luck tho
  6. Jumpermina

    Under The Edge

  7. Jumpermina

    Looking for cool Dofus Tattoo Ideas!

    It was based on this pic, MY cra Jumpermina
  8. Jumpermina

    Looking for cool Dofus Tattoo Ideas!

    Main char for sure
  9. Jumpermina

    Under The Edge

    Thanks for the support Rob!
  10. Jumpermina

    Official "I Dropped a Dofus" Thread

    Finally something different than vulbis in this topic :D
  11. Jumpermina

    Under The Edge

    So this happend today, first Dofus I ever drop, and not a dam bad one
  12. Jumpermina

    Under The Edge

    Are you recruiting or showing off?
  13. Jumpermina

    Under The Edge

  14. Jumpermina

    [BUYING] AP Nomarrow ring

    How about you buy an ap moo ring and go for 16/7 setup :D
  15. Jumpermina

    Under The Edge

    The guild is still around, but most players aren't playing anymore, due to lack of time. Theres always Void you can join on henual.