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  1. Im also willing to package together the Kongoku set with a discount ~ so shoot me a solid offer and im open :)
  2. Overmaged 3% neut on hat ~ 13.5m Summon and Air Resistance Cloak - 13.5m 1 summon belt ~ 11m 3% Air overmaged Ringaling ~ 11m 1 AP Otomai Boots ~ 14mk 100 int naisgud otomai sword ~ 2.5m Currently looking for ~ Inky Veil - 3% fire res overmage Gein's Hat (or range exo) - 3% fire overmaged res Gein's Belt - No -crit res Treadfast Amulet (range or 3% air exo with still low -neg crit res is okay as well) Will sell the whole Kongokus set for 40m :)
  3. devenalan

    Dofus 1.29 for Mac

    i continue to get this random error when i try to open it through flash and i cant seem to figure out how to fix it... also the error link doesnt go anywhere.

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