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  1. i think he was talking January 2018, so 100.000 account in 2 months is really big.. they really need to adapt to the market and make the game ftp.. at least like wakfu... (ftp, sub only for extra stuff like exp, drop, consumable, esterior things.. and another sub for the "hero system" plus a lot of stuff that a player can buy with euro/ogrin) but they need to stop wasting money on frivulous things and focus on making dofus ftp... i think a lot of player would retourn and play more relaxing without thinking or working only for the sub....
  2. Dofus Dungeons - Blog

    don't like this... i would prefer if they focus on the main game and bring the "free to play" there... this "new game" with only dj, no pvp, no trades.. and maybe quest? sound just a "test server" i love pvm, i love quest, but i also like kolo 3vs3 and fight perce 5vs5 with friends... but this? nope... the should focus on making dofus better and free... not always try to create new game with the money they gain from dofus and then waste all of them..
  3. Monster Aggro Changes

    60 second if you don't move at all once you enter/log in a new map
  4. Spell Variants

    i hope next one is a xelor variant! can't wait
  5. Spell Variants

    those variants look epic, finally after almost 2 year break i'm excited!
  6. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    all those thing should be done in dofus not in a new game... i mean... right now! let's hope something similar might be in the dicember spell update..
  7. Old player thinking of coming back

    ehm... you didn't log at all in the past 2 years? because if i remember right ankama deleted all the account that hadn't log for the past 2 year when they merge all the servers..
  8. Level 200+: Prestige Levels

    there will be not a november devblog the 2.38 is already on since the 2 of november with no change, just minor fixed bug all of this is the 2.39 live the 8th of december
  9. Turret fight for "Memoires of an Amnesiac" quest

    23 june.... yeah "soon"...
  10. Turret fight for "Memoires of an Amnesiac" quest

    no changelog, is just a test i'm randomly doing if i put the 3 arpooners in a way that, linked to they iniziative, they see 6 different mob in a range medium ( guess 1-6-8..) they didn't break if a mob (already attacked by another arpooner) puts in a way that the arpoon don't see 2 mob (los) they break every time. maybe i just disperately see things XD but, with this metod, usually on t3 i have max 1 arpooner broke
  11. Turret fight for "Memoires of an Amnesiac" quest

    new info tested by me XD the arpoons disable every time they didn't hit 2 mob in the same turn, plus if an arpoon has hit a mob the other arpoons can't hit it. so you need to place the 3 arpoons in a way they hit 2 mob every time and at the same time leave enough mob to the others 2 right now I still don't understand what breaks the tattics or the guardians...
  12. New Sea pet mounts (Muldos)

    Yep tested today, kill ebony muldo in t3, cast spell, and i ended the fight on t5 The ebony muldo was successful captured
  13. In a submarine…

    I think it will be a submarine like cawwot drill for the alliance that have the conquest village with the zaap and the "simplified access merkator"
  14. BETA 2.33

    24 hours lol.. thanks so much ^^
  15. BETA 2.33

    how do i spawn the mob that gives token in eca dimension? never see one of them... and if i do the fight with 8 pg i drop 8 token?