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  1. Post your goals and achievements

    Joined by the 2nd best imps mod for nidas trio, Rob! Leeched him with le feca, top pvm class (first try) (this might be editted)
  2. Eagles <3

    I had to request a new password in order to leave you a message here, but it's worth it. Say hello to Liah from me, Dan!
  3. S> 15 Slots Paddocks

    Great paddocks can vouch for this guy, buy his!

    Tell Liah we are doing N versatile tomorrow! :D
  5. High-End Dungeon Service [stopped]

    Don't use this service before rollback free bump
  6. Post your goals and achievements

    Best achievement unlock: Get numero uno spot for feca in achievement points Rip Tsarni (pls stay enu so i can quit doing achieves)
  7. Post your goals and achievements

    Goals as of now: Get 1 more achieve point then Tsarni, noobest feca on rushu
  8. It's time to go

  9. Nice account name Broq, top photoshop
  10. Quitting Sales.

    Nah i'm forever #3 in nichy's mind fluffy ripperino tsarni Bump
  11. /w Nicholas for all proffs he the pro (u still nub nichy)
  12. Don't /w Nicholas for help (teamkiller rip copps)

  13. Cmon guys let's open this dungeon!