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  1. All done :) hope you like her^^ I first wanted to do a icon but i wasn't sure if you would use it so i just made it a sketch ^^
  2. So if anyone want some free art show me one of your dofus or wakfi characters and i will draw them.
  3. so i went and still kinda am at france. But becausr i had no wifi at all i just sketched jazzi on my mobile :p in the burning sun. I kinda got better at drawing on my mobile jesus its been one year.
  4. I tried out a new painting styl ^_^ This is again, my ouginak Jazzi This is what a coloured sketch looks like with shades and all
  5. So.. I kinda did this back then in the dofus forums but it got outdated and old. So i'm going to keep this one updated with art. See here for full art gallery about dofus A few recent examples If you didn't notice, if i'm doing art for myself i don't have much motivation to finish it all in one go. But if you are going to commision me fully i will do my absolute best to make it fully complete. Now about commisions (If someone actualy wants to do that ) I'm accepting dofus kamas on the server Echo For other servers/ people who dont want to buy with kamas, i accept money :) A quick sketch (like the first picture up here) will be 1mk A coloured sketch will be 1.5mk A full thing with everything will be 2.5mk (It will take me way more time then a sketch) I can also do icons! It can be pixalleted and with animation if you wish so, i can also draw an normal icon without animation or pixels. I can TRY adding eyemovement in this one but i never tried it. Pixel icon 1mk + Animation will be 500kk extra Normal art icon 1mk + animation 500kk extra About real money.. I don't really know yet :p but not expensive at all, maybe a few euro's like 2 euro or something. If anyone has any tips to improve this please tell me :) It's my first time making such a big list instead of throwing it full with art. :D
  6. - sees you draw homestuck and dofus art and dies inside- you.. you're my new senpai ;o; ... and that art ;n; so amazing... i just died right here behind my computer wow..
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