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  1. I certainly hope the retro server gets a chance to take off. Something newer players might not appreciate, but in the beginning we didn't power level traditionally per-say but explored every bit of the world as we went. Every time someone achieves a new item from crafting or drops was amazing, I still remember the first raziell sword which was absolutely beautiful. Also, what's more interesting was the fact that people experimented on stuff. For instance, it was a fun(ny) to try to use claw of ecaflip to drain the AP from those tanuks in ghost islands when we had access to those. Heck, I also remember falling for the trap in the trool fair with the cages... Funny but cruel joke when you couldn't TP out. It's the memories and the journey, not the new graphics, that made it worth it and which is why I think a lot of us oldies prefer the older style. Anyways 1st post since 4 years, but gosh brings back memories from 14 years ago. But I'll keep watching
  2. I just finished my first set of mid-terms in medical school, and then I got a message from a friend mid drink. Was planning to refrain from anything close to tempting myself back to this game, however I wanted to stop by for this. Congratulations Zach for making the leap to quit something you are really familiar/love for something potentially far greater and rewarding in life. I am sure at times, you are going to question whether what you did was the best thing to do, or maybe that you should've just stashed your gear and logins in a box for another time. Life is only get better as you can focus on being more productive. Anyways, best of luck.
  3. Hello all! I came back to this game just under a year ago. It was a great blast from the past and definitely helped me with real life stress while I was sorting things out. However, I finally decided to take the leap to go back into school and pursue a career in medicine. This decision/commitment comes with a lot of sacrifices and unfortunately video gaming and Dofus is one of the distractions I can do without. Over the course of the year I met a lot of wonderful people on Rosal. I definitely want to give special thanks to Zach/Jesternaut and the guild Bonfire and all of its inhabitants that would take forever to name. You definitely made the transition into this game wonderful and have been a great friend. I would also like to say thanks to all the friends elsewhere as well. Honestly this entire server is awesome. As with my gear and characters, I have passed them on to a friend who may (in the near future or not so in the near future) come back. So no big sale or anything (plus doubt anyone would want my crappy gear anyways). With that being said, I am out of here! I got a future to take care of, so long and best of luck.
  4. I was joking up to the range part. I have an MP inky for sale. It's pretty nicely maged too. PM me in game.
  5. Apparently he doesn't need range. I got a 0 range ap inky, you wants?
  6. Bump! Don't need anymore. Exo-Maged it in 30 tries (10mk)
  7. Looking around 35-50mk depending on stats.
  8. 1/0 MP 291/300 vit 64/70 str 26/30 wis 1/1 range 12/15 neut 12/15 earth 3/5 dodge 3/7 mp res 10/10 %fire res
  9. 1/0 MP 291/300 vit 64/70 str 26/30 wis 1/1 range 12/15 neut 12/15 earth 3/5 dodge 3/7 mp res 10/10 %fire res
  10. Looking to trade or work out a deal between exo trades. Everything will be based on stats. If the AP Broucie Ring is exactly perfect with AP rune I'll pay 50mk. (just cause mods want a price ~.~)
  11. Heya Pat! Not going to tell you what to do or what not to do, but I suggest you just put the game down and take a nice break from it, a nice long leave if you have to. I for one would hate to see you go. I tried giving him a chance, despite what I hear on the forums and in game and at first I thought he was just misunderstood and slightly judgmental. And I really do hope those who read this don't just base their opinions on what we say. However, Persona is toxic to the community, and consistently proves it over and over again. The best way to deal with these sociopaths in this environment is negative punishment by just not giving any attention. The day everyone decides to just put him on ignore and walk on, then he'll get the message. I'd almost wanted to just quit once because of his abrasiveness. But just remember what you said to me. Anyways best of luck on whatever you do.
  12. Looking for whatever stats, around 10-15mk
  13. Looking for about 40-45mk on Shylock. And depends on stats on Ringaling.
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