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  1. You can still trade them for kroz, which you can then use to buy various things in-game, like I posted above.
  2. Is there a way to gain p2p currency in-game or do you have to pay the 5e for the transfer to Dofus?
  3. What figurines? If you are talking about Kromaster Figurines then your only options are limited. You can either trade them for kroz at the old kromaster house (around gobbal corner zaap), or you can try to sell them for someone foolish enough to buy since you cannot send them to Kromaster anymore.
  4. How do I get access to Russian alphabet when creating a new character?
  5. Agi is less popular because it got slightly nerfed. You can only swap once a turn and the spells which dmg is based on summoned tofus got dmg reduced.
  6. They wiped out inactive accounts to reduce player count in Echo. If I remember right, they even send emails warnings
  7. You have a solid team already but if you want the cookie cutter team then I'd change rogue to eni and sram to enu. I used to wear this on my enu: http://dofp.la/y8SrY/ till' I finally managed to get captain meno and queen of fate gear.
  8. Just when I had new kolo set figured out. Glad I didn't buy anything yet :)
  9. Int/tank/healer feca for support, cha/str/wis cra for map manipulation and dmg, agi/cha eca for heals and extra erosion.
  10. with throphies: http://dofp.la/PNJvU/ or the classic set up: http://dofp.la/rUGCK/ or http://dofp.la/g612b/ ... There are plenty of options avaible.
  11. Achievements lost their point when they introduced class change service.
  12. 12/5 without dofuses & exos: http://dofp.la/EiyJn/
  13. Forgot to specify it in OP but I already tried this, thanks though.
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