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  1. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    free pet leveling service [Super Growth Kibble]

    im not always online, give me your ign
  2. I have 11 Super Growth Kibble left, IGN: Davlagan (please don't judge my ign :D )
  3. Inspect-Her-Gadgets


  4. Inspect-Her-Gadgets


    Can be closed
  5. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    Random Screenshots

    http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/470431-boarhog-stomping-through-emporium :(
  6. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    In regards to FPS loss.

    Try to boot UBCD and run a diagnosis. Then you will know what causes the problem. http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/
  7. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    Post your Guts

    maybe he can't afford trophies :/
  8. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    Best Solo-Account Class?

    Dofus isnt quantum science lol
  9. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    Best Solo-Account Class?

    Sacrier is possibly the best solo class. You don't need an expensive set and you can go all the way to lvl 200 alone by spamming dissolution and wondering if it will ever be any beter than that.
  10. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    Ogivol - Hacker/Scammer

    that guy spends more time into trying to scam people than actually playing. He could make those kamas by himself if he didnt waste his time chatting with his victims
  11. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    What's Your Top 3 Favorite Michael Jackson Songs?

    1. Smooth criminal 2. They don't care about us 3. Thriller 4. Donga golimar
  12. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    Post Your Guts (Wakfu Edition)

    Is there anything special about lvl200 like dofus' lvl 200 aura?
  13. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    Most iconic players

    This guy transfered to rosal for less than a month and filled the server with incredibly well maged items then vanished
  14. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    Black Desert Online (MMORPG)

    *faps furiously while creating a character*
  15. Inspect-Her-Gadgets

    Black Desert Online (MMORPG)

    BDO's character creator only is 6GB lol